Mortal Kombat Co-Creator Teases Marvel Vs DC Video Game

Written by Edwin Francisco

The game director of the latest Mortal Kombat started a poll teasing the possibility of Marvel vs DC.

Crossovers are not new in the world of fighting games. We’ve seen a fair share of amazing or even weird matchups. We have to thank Sega for introducing us to Fighters Megamix that actually gave us our first ever fighting game crossover.

But for comic-book fans, I think Marvel vs. Capcom was the first major fighting game crossover most of us remember. And Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe was another welcome game to behold. A lot of us have been wondering if we’ll ever see a Marvel vs. DC fighting game crossover.

Mortal Kombat Co-Creator Teases Marvel Vs DC Video Game

It seems that Ed Boon, director of NetherRealm Studios, teased us on that possibility. The fighting game industry knows Boon for his work on Mortal Kombat. He co-created the game back in 1992. He’s been involved in making every Mortal Kombat game and DC’s Injustice game franchise. He’s also been the iconic voice of Scorpion, Jax and Raiden.

Boon posted a poll on what NetherRealm Studios next game should be. He listed Injustice 3, a Marvel game, Marvel vs. DC and the next Mortal Kombat. Even though there are a ton of fans of all those listed, 40.9% voted for Marvel vs. DC. Obviously, a lot of comic and gaming fans want to see characters from two of the biggest comic-book companies, Marvel and DC, duke it out.

Both DC and Marvel have their own successful fighting games.

Marvel was popular with the Marvel vs. Capcom crossover. It spawned six games which also includes the first game of the series X-Men vs. Street Fighter which came out in 1996. Marvel’s high point was Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes because of the incredible number of characters. But it drastically went down with Marvel vs. Capcom 3 because of the lack of X-Men characters.

Mortal Kombat Co-Creator Teases Marvel Vs DC Video Game

Mortal Kombat Co-Creator Teases Marvel Vs DC Video Game

Image: Midway Games

Boon was more involved with DC. It started with Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, which was strange but interesting, nonetheless. It was popular enough to start actually making a DC-focused fighting game. This led to making Injustice: Gods Among Us and Injustice 2. And both were very successful games indeed. Injustice 2 was the ninth best-selling game of 2017. The only question is, when will NetherRealm work on the third one?

There might be a lot of legal meetings to get this done. Especially now that Marvel has the X-Men again. But if both DC and Marvel are interested in this, this could be a sure hit.

Both Marvel and DC have had a very successful history in games. The fans obviously have shown their interest. Isn’t it time for both Marvel and DC to get together and fight head on? It can even be a step towards also making the match-up reach the big screen. There is hoping.