Marvel Studios Found Its Red Hulk With Harrison Ford

Written by Joy Lyn Parohinog Francisco

Marvel Studios may have found their Red Hulk with Harrison Ford. According to a report, Harrison Ford debuts as General “Thunderbolt” Ross in Captain America 4. In fact, Ford also appears as Ross in Thunderbolts. He replaces William Hurt, who passed away on March 13.

Although the initial scoop doesn’t confirm Ford becomes the Red Hulk, sources reveal it’s in Marvel Studios’ plans. In the comics, Ross transforms into the Red Hulk. They add that’s why Marvel Studios recast Ross. The Red Hulk is coming.

Such news would’ve rocked D23.

Apparently, Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy stopped Marvel Studios, which intended to introduce Harrison Ford as part of the Thunderbolts cast. While a lot of happy news got in circulation since the Disney event, there were still some they didn’t address. Thankfully, recent news gave a bit more follow-up information, especially on the side of MCU titles.

Marvel Studios Found Its Red Hulk With Harrison Ford

Marvel Studios Found Its Red Hulk With Harrison Ford

Image: Marvel Comics Group

Kennedy didn’t want Thunderbolts to overshadow her own Ford project. Lucasfilm is very much excited for Indiana Jones 5. Joining Kennedy on the stage was James Mangold, the director of the latest and likely the conclusion of the world’s favorite archeologist. They disclosed that the movie will arrive in theaters next summer. Ford appeared on stage after a teaser reel with actress Phoebe Waller-Bridge. The Indiana Jones star emotionally thanked the people in the convention saying the upcoming movie is “fantastic”.

Ford spoke with such pride and joy as the crowd cheered. He said:

No…Thank you! Thank you for making these films such an incredible experience for all of us. Giving the opportunity to make these films for you. I think… (taking a shaky overwhelmed breath) I’m very proud to say… I’M VERY PROUD TO SAY that this one (giving a thumbs up pointing to the video that just displayed) is FANTASTIC! And this is one of the reasons (proceeds to point at Waller-Bridge on stage). Indiana Jones movies are about mysteries and adventure, but it is also about heart. I’m really really happy that we have a really human story to tell. This one is a movie that will KICK YOUR ASS.

So, I am delighted to be here again, and maybe for the… oh, no! I mean THIS IS IT! I will not fall down for you again. But thank you so much!

Marvel Studios Found Its Red Hulk With Harrison Ford

Marvel Studios Found Its Red Hulk With Harrison Ford

Image: Lucasfilm

Kennedy intended to showcase Ford being back as Indiana Jones for D23. All the other projects presented under Lucasfilm already have traction in marketing. Undoubtedly, Lucasfilm wants Ford’s image on stage connected with their upcoming 2023 project. Kennedy wanted that retained as much and as long as possible in the minds of everyone in attendance.

This is where the rumors about her intervention on what Marvel Studios supposedly was about to announce in the same event. Though no official announcements about Ford’s MCU signing are currently available, the talks about Kennedy “putting her foot down” are getting more pronounced recently.

No one can deny the interest that Ford draws into projects. After all these years, his name still carries weight in any movie or franchise.

Without a doubt, Marvel Studios gave way to Lucasfilm. Besides, letting Lucasfilm take Ford into the spotlight now would be more logical. After all, their release date is just a few months away. Unlike the Thunderbolts movie, which still has more than a year to go.

Above all, both studios belong to Disney anyway.