Is The Snyderverse Dead?

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The Snyderverse Is Not Dead

The Snyderverse isn’t dead; in fact, DC Films’ plans going forward aren’t set in stone.

Yes, it sounds like wishful thinking; however, it isn’t.

The clues to the Snyderverse being restored are in plain sight and have been for months.

First of all, The Hollywood Reporter published a report that David Geffen called Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos on behalf of Toby Emmerich. Emmerich is the chairman of the Warner Bros. Pictures Group.

In other words, Emmerich holds the nuclear codes at Warner Bros.

The Hollywood Reporter explained that

“a call from Geffen to Sarandos may have been intended to help Emmerich gain leverage in a future negotiation with Warners.”

Given that his contract ends after 2022, it makes sense that Emmerich would exercise the business move called The Takeaway.

I wrote about this when Sony threatened to pull Spider-Man from the MCU in August 2019.

You pretend you’re exploring other options. The other party is supposed to panic, scared that you might run into someone’s else arms.

What Geffen did was essentially upload Emmerich’s profile on Tinder.

In a relationship?

No, “it’s complicated.”

Every other huge company now knows that Emmerich might be available. This happens frequently in sports with so-called “trade rumors.”

According to insiders, Emmerich might not be brought back. He probably knows this or is fearful of it.

Emmerich not returning to Warner Bros. could create the falling house of cards that would restore the Snyderverse.

If he’s ousted, he will not be alone. (Spoiler alert: Netflix had no available seats for him.)

But this isn’t the only reason why I strongly believe the Snyderverse hasn’t perished in a cloud of ash.

The Snyderverse Is Not Dead

Is The Snyderverse Dead

Image: Warner Bros. Pictures

There’s a loophole in DC Films president Walter Hamada’s multiverse path.

There is no DCEU in that particular vision, no centralized continuity.

In other words, it doesn’t matter if Zack Snyder’s projects clash with J.J. Abrams’ upcoming DC movies in terms of cast and story arcs.

They’re not supposed to match. Matt Reeves’ The Batman doesn’t exist in the same world as Aquaman 2, for example.

I reported on March 26 that The Flash is intended to erase the Snyderverse from canon.

However, will they stick to that landing?

That idea was floated before the success of Zack Snyder’s Justice League on HBO Max.

I have maintained in the past that Warner Bros. is a reactionary organization.

This isn’t like Kevin Feige at Marvel Studios; he may tweak his future direction but remains true to his map.

Warner Bros. zigzags like a drunken frat boy.

J.J. Abrams’ Black Superman had a number of fans freaking out again today because they believed Henry Cavill will be replaced.

Here we go again. The Hollywood Reporter even clarified this is as a multiverse Superman.

Cavill is safe.

The same cannot be said of the Hamada Verse if The Flash tanks.

Some might complain about the number of “ifs” in this argument.

But the “ifs” cast doubt that the Snyderverse is gone.

There are too many variables in either direction.

In this high-speed Internet world, people want high-speed answers.

Is The Snyderverse Dead? Yes and No.

Image: Warner Bros. Pictures

The world doesn’t work that way.

The impatience of the online community is why so many people got Spider-Gate completely wrong.

It’s why they were also incorrect about The Snyder Cut.

Money rules Hollywood, and as long as there’s money on the table, nobody is bolting for the exits.

If The Snyder Cut had stunk up the room, that would have been different.

If The Snyder Cut was smacked in the face like New Coke, that would have been different.

The title of Small Screen’s excellent video (below) about the history and future of the Snyderverse video may be stark, but it actually aligns with my thoughts in this article.

It’s hilarious and I highly suggest a watch. It was also done by That James Guy who’s helped me build Geekosity to what it is today. Narrated by Edward Lauder and based on his articles.

Yes, Warner Bros. said that the Snyderverse is dead.

Furthermore, Zack Snyder agreed.

But Sony also stated “for the moment the door is closed” with Disney.

And The Mouse didn’t argue it in public.

Privately, I caught this bickering couple making out in the back of a car; consequently, I was on the front page of Yahoo! News in 2019 for doing so.

The “dead” deal between Sony and Disney wasn’t dead after all. It was merely in suspended animation, trapped in ice like Captain America after WWII.

AT&T is not blind; even if they were, they can smell the cash in the room.

Give it time.

Sources tell me that AT&T will track how Snyder’s Army of the Dead does on Netflix before taking any action. They want more reasonable budgets for Snyder Cut spin-offs.

As I’ve constantly repeated on Syl Abdul’s YouTube channel, the Snyderverse will not return in one magical move.

It will be restored brick by brick.

If you think this is some kind of hopeful delusion, you have absolutely no idea how business works.

Follow the money, and it leads to the Snyderverse.

The Rock is well aware of this.

In a recent interview, Snyder admitted,

“The truth is, you know, Warner Brothers, I don’t think they have really any interest in continuing this storyline.”

The words are chosen carefully. “I don’t think.” He stated it as an opinion, and not as a fact. Warner Bros., but no mention of AT&T.

To Warner Bros., the Snyderverse is dead.

However, AT&T and The Rock didn’t hear it as they’re too busy listening to the Pet Shop Boys’ “Opportunities” on their stereos. Let’s make lots of money indeed.

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