Disney Considering Luke Skywalker TV Series

Written by Edwin Francisco

Disney is discussing a Luke Skywalker TV series. According to a new report, the show will focus on the Jedi Academy.

There are several stories that revolve around the Jedi Academy.

For example, there are Kevin J. Anderson’s Jedi Academy books.

Anderson’s novels were among the first books that combined so many characters from Star Wars.

Luke Skywalker teaching so many potential Jedis was wonderful.

Anderson even included a character from the game Dark Forces, Kyle Katarn.

Although there was a game titled Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, it didn’t explore much about the school but it focused on a student named Jaden Korr.

Korr got out of the security of his school and had to investigate a Dark Jedi cult.

The writers of the books, games, comics and more did their best to be coherent.

In addition, they were able to tell a story that tried not to contradict each other.

It was an impressive feat to actually work all that out.

Disney Considering Luke Skywalker TV Series

Disney Considering Luke Skywalker TV Series

When Disney bought Lucasfilm, all the old books were considered non-canon.

Disney called the old material Legends.

So we don’t expect to see Kyle Katarn or even Jaden Korr.

But it is nice that the recent movies or shows have been referencing or even reviving characters from Legends.

With he latest episode of The Book of Boba Fett teasing the building of the Jedi Academy, it seems that Lucasfilm is already setting up the new series.

The series which may center around Luke Skywalker is currently being discussed by the house of Mouse.

For sure that his appearance in The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett has had a large impact on this.

So, was his recent appearance just a testing ground if they can actually pull it off using CGI?

Luke’s latest showing was even more impressive than in The Mandalorian, with a longer screen time and more action sequences.

The idea of the Jedi Academy series is still very early in the works.

Disney Considering Luke Skywalker TV Series

Disney Considering Luke Skywalker TV Series

Image: Disney Plus

Which means, Disney Plus is still working out the details, and there is no certainty that the series will even push through.

Will Mark Hamill return to voice Luke Skywalker?

So far, he has returned for series in Disney Plus, and he’s happy returning to the character which made him a household name in 1977.

I do think that making an entire live-action series with a CGI character as their lead would be interesting.

Although, another possibility is that they may use Sebastian Stan to be the new Luke Skywalker.

The actor has already said that he’s interested in taking the role if it comes to that.

But I do have this feeling that Disney’s deepfake technology is getting better and that it’s cheaper to use CGI instead of hiring a new actor.

Disney did hire the famous deepfake artist, Shamook as the “senior facial capture artist” back in July 2021.

And I think the latest episode of The Book of Boba Fett has improved the CGI of Luke Skywalker because of him.

Maybe it’s because of Shamook’s incredible work and fan reception that Disney thought that a Luke Skywalker-led series might be an achievable reality.

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