DC Films Wants JJ Abrams to Direct Multiverse Justice League

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DC Films JJ Abrams Multiverse Justice League

DC Films wants JJ Abrams to reboot and direct the next Justice League film. Moreover, the movie is planned to connect with JJ Abrams’ Superman movie with a multiverse setting.

As fans continue their social-media campaign to #RestoreTheSnyderverse, DC Films will proceed forward under the supervision of Walter Hamada.

And that path, theatrically, does not include the Snyderverse although The Rock intends to pursue his own map for the Black Adam franchise.

Ironically, for a company so spellbound by the multiverse, they seem to be caught in it.

On one hand, Hamada and his fellow executives at Warner Bros. want to kiss the Snyderverse goodbye and say hello to a somewhat disconnected future.

There is no shared narrative between most of these movies; however, the respective directors have the freedom to create HBO Max spin-offs set in the same universe as their films.

I said “most” for a reason.

Apparently, if JJ Abrams does direct the new Justice League movie, it will be set up by his Superman film.

His Man of Steel is rumored to be Calvin Ellis, who was inspired by President Obama; in other words, he won’t be Henry Cavill.

No line-up for this multiverse Justice League has been selected yet; it’s way too early.

Nevertheless, sources said to expect members of the next generation of DC superheroes like Blue Beetle, Hourman, Zatanna, and Ellis.

DC Films is hoping to include Robert Pattinson’s Batman although his solo films will have no reference to this group.

DC Films Wants JJ Abrams to Direct Multiverse Justice League

DC Films JJ Abrams Multiverse Justice League

Image: DC Comics

Insiders reveal that the Justice League multiverse concept was inspired by writer Grant Morrison and artist Ivan Reis’ The Multiversity comic book.

That series called them Justice Incarnate.

Morrison created Ellis so there is a logical thread between JJ Abrams’ Superman and this project.

Furthermore, Morrison had previously worked on The Flash movie, which is now opening the doors to the multiverse.

His work is no longer being used but it seems like some ideas stuck.

On the other hand, The Rock has his own creative vision for the Justice League in the Black Adam films.

He wants to #RestoreTheSnyderverse.

This is indeed a company divided.

But hey, it’s the multiverse, right?

Who knows how many of these ideas will survive AT&T’s gravitational pull.

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