YouTube Personality Syl Abdul Becomes DC Films President

Written By Tom & Jerry • Guest Writers

syl abdul dc films president

In a miraculous twist, YouTube personality Syl Abdul has become the new president of DC Films.

Since he launched his YouTube channel Syl Abdul Inc. in summer 2020, he has become the friendly face of Snyder fandom.

Now Syl Abdul has become the man in charge.

But how did this happen?

Apparently, Syl Abdul was so upset about The Flash leak wherein the Ben Affleck’s Batman makes the Ultimate Sacrifice, that he ran to the nearest carnival to escape from depression.

Facing a future where he was forced to be excited about an Hourman movie, Syl Abdul revealed a once-extinct grimace.

Unfortunately, in his existential despair Syl Abdul forgot that the carnival was closed due to the global pandemic.

Clutching his battered copy of Crisis on Infinite Earths, he prayed to the New Gods.

Within moments, a streak of lightning illuminated the dark clouds; everything turned to red.

“Oh no, I hope I didn’t conjure Mephisto,” Syl Abdul screamed.

However, he then realized, “I’m in the wrong universe.”

But no devil appeared before the youtube personality.

Instead, it was an old wizard.

“My name is ludbalyS,” the geezer stated. “You are worthy of becoming the president of DC Films.”

In an instant, Syl Abdul had restored the Snyderverse to its big-budge theatrical glory. “The Ayer Cut will be next!” he winked.

Upon some intense detective work, we’ve found out the former president of DC Films retired to go open a burger joint call HamadaBurger.

We did find the website and he has a menu up, merchandise and fan art. It’s an interesting glimpse into what he is doing now.

Syl Abdul Is DC Films President, Former Pres Opens HamadaBurger

syl abdul dc films president


The menu includes such offerings as Toby Fries, Kilar Rings and even vegetarian servings like Ann Asparagus.

Insiders warn that the menu constantly changes, though.

For example, “The Multiverse Meal” rotates on a daily basis.

Questions about how HamadaBurgers are selling in a competitive marketplace have answers hidden behind Fort Knox, we have learned.

It seems that HamadaBurgers are caught between a Rock and a hard place.

Nevertheless, critics had this to say about Hamada Burgers.

“Not impressed.”

(Happy April Fools’ Day!)

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