The Red Death Is Not The Villain In The Flash Movie

Written by Edwin Francisco

The Red Death Is Not The Villain In The Flash Movie 03

As the release of The Flash gets closer, we all wonder about the details of the upcoming movie starring Ezra Miller.

How will Michael Keaton’s Batman and Ben Affleck’s Batman meet up How does Sasha Calle’s Supergirl fit into the story?

With what director Andy Muschietti posted on Instagram lately, many are speculating here and there.

We can’t blame them.

Muschietti recently posted an image of the Batman’s (Keaton) Batsuit colored in red, spray-painted with yellow lighting.

This represented a combination of both Batman and the Flash.

However, this image reminded comic-book fans of a certain DC villain named the Red Death.

The Red Death was created by writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo.

He first appeared in Dark Days: The Casting No. 1 in September 2017. In the comics, in Earth-52, Bruce Wayne (Batman) has lost his sidekicks.

Moreover, he felt that he was not fast enough to save them.

This gave him the idea to forcibly fuse himself with Barry Allen (the Flash) using the Speed Force.

This action resulted in both of them merging into one being. This made Wayne gain the powers of the Flash.

The Red Death Is Not The Villain in The Flash Movie- Ezra Miller - Batman

Image: DC Comics

However, it also made the Flash’s consciousness trapped in Wayne’s mind.

Batman named himself the Red Death.

He uses his ability to murder the villains in his universe even though Allen (in Wayne’s mind) tries to convince Batman to stop killing them.

In a new report, it is said that the main villain of the upcoming Flash movie might be the Red Death.

Sorry to burst your bubble.

There is no Red Death in The Flash.

On the surface alone, it doesn’t register.

Think about this: Michael Keaton’s Batman will not turn bad.

After all, he is expected to continue being Wayne in the current DCEU.

We also doubt that Keaton would return to the role if he knew that his character was going to be evil.

It would mess up the character he built in 1989.

Furthermore, for Ben Affleck’s version of Batman, it’s out of character.

If not either of them, then who? If they add another Wayne from a different universe, it will make a really confusing story with three versions of Batman.

The Red Death Is Not The Villain In The Flash Movie

Image: Warner Bros Pictures

Beyond that, sources revealed that the Red Death doesn’t appear in The Flash.

They explained that Muschietti only wanted to show that there is a Batman and Flash team-up.

It doesn’t mean that the Red Death is in it.

Moreover, the marketing needs to appeal to the general public; many of them are not familiar with the Red Death.

And if the Red Death was in it, this would’ve spoiled the movie.

Keep in mind that Muschietti posted a picture that drew comparisons to Watchmen and The Doomsday Clock before.

Doctor Manhattan isn’t in The Flash, either.

Based on an earlier report by Geekosity owner Mikey Sutton, the main bad guy of The Flash will be a homicidal version of Barry Allen.

This version of Allen is also the Flash, but from Keaton’s universe.

Multiple outlets echoed this after Geekosity did.

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