Sydney Sweeney’s Secret Marvel Role Possibly Revealed By Insider

Written By Kieran Bugg

Sydney Sweeney's Secret Marvel Role Possibly Revealed By Insider

Sydney Sweeney’s secret Marvel role has possibly been revealed by a Hollywood insider. Sydney Sweeney makes her Marvel debut in Sony’s upcoming Madame Web film. Although not set in the MCU, she is reportedly portraying an established Marvel Comics superhero.

On the other hand, it’s from Sony. Not Marvel Studios. Let’s face it, barely anyone is actually excited to see more from Sony’s Spider-Man universe. Especially after the colossal and downright embarrassing failure of Morbius last year.

As if the reviews weren’t bad enough, the movie only managed to gross $167.5 million worldwide. Moreover, Sony decided to re-release Morbius after the movie became a popular internet meme due to it’s poor reception.

It bombed a second time.

LOL, Sony, LOL.

Sydney Sweeney’s Secret Marvel Role Possibly Revealed By Insider

Sydney Sweeney's Secret Marvel Role Possibly Revealed By Insider

Image: Marvel Comics

Despite this, Sony is still moving ahead with even more live action Spider-Verse related films. While this is pretty irritating, it’s not at all surprising. After all, their Venom movies proved to be financial hits in spite of their poor reviews. So far two other movies set in their planned shared universe are currently in active development.

The first being Kraven the Hunter starring former MCU star Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Spider-Man’s classic foe. There’s a good chance many have forgotten this movie is even happening. Or they’d rather not recall.

Then there’s Madame Web. One of the more obscure characters from Spider-Man’s expansive lore.

Most fans will likely remember her from the popular 1994 Spider-Man animated series. She was voiced by comic-book legend Stan Lee’s late wife Joan Boocock Lee. When a film centered around the mysterious soothsayer was announced, fans were unsurprisingly perplexed.

A Madame Web movie sounded like the most random and unnecessary move Sony could make. Plus, the reception to their previous works don’t exactly inspire a lot of confidence or anticipation.

Nonetheless, the film will actually boast an impressive cast of talented performers. This includes BAFTA nominated actress Dakota Johnson who’ll star as the titular character. Madame Web is mostly depicted as a blind and frail elderly woman. Johnson is only 33 years old.

Although this is likely an origin story for the bizarre clairvoyant. Furthermore, Euphoria actress Sydney Sweeney has also been cast in an undisclosed role in the film. Sydney Sweeney has become a rising star in recent years. In fact, she has already been cast in several of Sony’s upcoming movies.

Speculation about which character the actress could be playing has been wild to say the least. Rumors have ranged from her portraying Black Cat, Silver Sable, Spider-Gwen, and even Mayday Parker. Nevertheless, a recent suggests that all of these rumors are far off the mark.

According to Jeff Sneider, Sydney Sweeney will actually be portraying Spider-Woman. Particularly the Julia Carpenter version of the character, who is the second Spider-Woman in the comics.

During The Hot Mic podcast, Sneider revealed:

“I’m told – there’s been a lot of speculation as to what Sydney Sweeney’s role is going to be in the Marvel Universe. I’m told that she is as rumored, I guess, playing Spider-Woman. Now, there are a couple different Spider-Women, Sydney was rumored to play the second one.”

Carpenter would be a safe bet as she has a strong connection to Madame Web. Writer Jim Shooter and artist Mike Zeck co-created Carpenter. She debuted in Secret Wars No. 6 in 1984. The latter bit of trivia could be a hint of things to come.  After all, Marvel Studios is developing an Avengers: Secret Wars movie.

Sydney Sweeney’s Secret Marvel Role Possibly Revealed By Insider

Sydney Sweeney's Secret Marvel Role Possibly Revealed By Insider

Image: Marvel Comics

Could Carpenter be included?

Carpenter is the second character to assume her mantle in the comics. No matter who Sydney Sweeney is playing in Madame Web, we hope Sony doesn’t waste her talent.