Spider-Man Animated Series In MCU Could Follow What If…? on Disney Plus

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Spider-Man Animated Series in MCU Could Follow What If on Disney Plus

Spider-Man‘s appearance in the upcoming What If…? animated series on Disney Plus will lead to an upcoming wall-crawler show.

Insiders stress that the cartoon will not be attached to What If…?

However, the quality of animation will share its high standards.

In other words, this Spider-Man cartoon won’t be, for example, like 2017’s Spider-Man on Disney HD.

Not much is known about this show as it remains in the discussion stage.

Apparently, though, the program will be set in the MCU.

Moreover, it will feature villains that won’t appear in Marvel Studios’ live-action Spider-Man adventures.

Sources indicate that it is “unlikely” that Tom Holland will voice him.

As for Spider-Man’s participation in What If…?, that focuses on a multiverse variant of the character.

We have seen Spider-Man multiple times in movies, TV, and of course, the comics.

Marvel movie fans know Spider-Man’s beginnings and how he became a hero.

Spider-Man Animated Series in MCU Could Follow What If on Disney Plus

Image: Disney+

We’ve witnessed it more than a couple of times already; consequently, Marvel Studios didn’t need to tell the story anymore.

The first time we see Parker (Tom Holland), his Uncle Ben was already gone.

We all know that Uncle Ben’s death was his reason for becoming the superhero that he is today.

What If…? will be dealing with a lot of possibilities.

If you look into the comics, no hero was safe from the alternate realities which the Watcher Uatu presents to the reader.

In the trailers, we saw Agent Carter transform into Captain Carter and T’Challa turning into Star-Lord.

In addition, Steve Rogers never became Captain America.

Furthermore, there are even zombies put into the mix.

Nothing is safe in What If…?

Spider-Man had several stories in the What If…? comic books like if he saved Gwen Stacy and got married to her instead of Mary Jane.

In one tale, his transformation turned out something like from the movie The Fly.

He became a giant human-like arachnid instead of being the Spider-Man we know.

There is speculation that What If…? will adapt a Spider-Man story wherein Uncle Ben didn’t die.

Spider-Man Animated Series in MCU Could Follow What If…? on Disney Plus

Spider-Man Animated Series in MCU Could Follow What If on Disney Plus

Image: Marvel Comics Group

That book was What If…? No. 19 in 1980 titled “What If Spider-Man Had Never Become a Crimefighter?”

In this comic, Peter Parker still got his powers.

Remember that burglar that also killed Uncle Ben? In this What If…? tale, Parker was able to stop the burglar, and Uncle Ben was safe.

Given that Uncle Ben survived the event, it never dawned on Parker that he can use his abilities to save anyone.

He never knew the lesson that needed to be learned.

In other words, Parker never understood the phrase “With great power comes great responsibility.”

Note that in the original comic, this phrase was never mentioned by Uncle Ben to Parker.

In this What If…? version of Parker, he did become Spider-Man, but not as we know him.

Parker turned into a TV celebrity.

In fact, Aunt May and Uncle Ben don’t approve of Parker’s actions.

Parker is blinded by his fame.

I am curious if Marvel Studios will actually deal with Uncle Ben since the Marvel Cinematic Universe never really tackled the issue.

Most things that are shown in the animated What If…? series are events that we have seen in the MCU which changes some aspects of what we were familiar with.

If you are wondering where the zombies come in since we never saw that in the MCU, let’s just say that in the comics, Loki did it.

Personally, I have doubts that the reimagining of Parker’s origin will be done since we never saw this on the MCU, but it is something I’d like to see because we are all familiar with Spider-Man’s motivation to be a crime fighter.

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