Peter Parker Will Face Death in Upcoming Spider-Man Movie (Spoilers)

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Peter Parker Spider-Man Death

Peter Parker will face death in his college years in an upcoming Spider-Man movie. The following contains potential spoilers for the Spider-Man franchise; turn away if you’d rather not know.

Peter Parker Spider-Man Death

In the comic books, the random killing of Peter Parker’s beloved Uncle Ben is the broken heart behind Spider-Man’s origin.

Writer Stan Lee and artist Steve Ditko established the tragedy in Spider-Man’s first appearance, Amazing Fantasy No. 15 in 1962.

Uncle Ben was murdered by a thief that Peter Parker could have stopped moments before; however, he let him run off as he saw Spider-Man as a way to profit.

Peter Parker then learned his famous lesson that “with great power comes great responsibility.”

But Uncle Ben has been missing from Marvel Studios’ first two Spider-Man movies.

Aside from Uncle Ben’s initials engraved on Peter Parker’s suitcase in Spider-Man: Far From Home, he’s had no presence whatsoever.

Insiders told me that it’s intentional. In the MCU, they explained, Aunt May will be the loved one Peter Parker loses.

Apparently, Kevin Feige wanted a different approach.

Certainly, Peter Parker’s closeness to Aunt May (Marisa Tomei) in the Marvel Studios films is firmly established.

Losing May would be a gut punch.

Given Tomei’s popularity as the character, it will hurt.

Peter Parker Will Face Death in Upcoming Spider-Man Movie (Spoilers)

Peter Parker Spider-Man Death

Image: Marvel Comics Group

Sources close to me added that May will perish either before or during Peter Parker attends college.

In other words, it could happen either in Spider-Man: No Way Home or in the fourth film.

Spider-Man: No Way Home underwent several script changes due to the global pandemic and creative reasons as well.

It’s the most experimental of the trilogy.

I don’t know how much of this remains intact.

For example, Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock wasn’t initially in this movie.

But COVID-19 production delays pushed it back enough that Marvel Studios had the Daredevil rights back from Netflix.

Peter Parker will grow from a boy to a man.

Along the way, he will say goodbye.

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