Review: Medicom Mafex #107 Into The Spider-Verse Miles Morales Figure

Written By Dan Hickman • Toy Editor

Medicom Mafex #107 Into the Spider-Verse Miles Morales Figure Review

Medicom Mafex keeps on serving up amazing products with the Into the Spider-Verse Miles Morales Action Figure.

Big thanks to the Big Bad Toy Store for making these reviews possible by providing excellent service and inventory choices.

To be honest, I never read much of the Marvel Ultimate universe, in which Miles Morales was introduced.

In fact, my first real introduction to the character came in the 2018 Sony Playstation Spider-Man Video Game.

I got to know more about Miles in the sequel game, featuring this character. I was sufficiently intrigued to learn more and so, ordered the Into The Spider-Verse movie and was blown away.

This figure is based on the animated movie iteration of young Miles and man oh man, it does not disappoint!!!!

Plot summary, from IMDB courtesy of Nick Riganas:

Struggling to find his place in the world, while juggling school and family, Miles Morales, a smart teenager from Brooklyn, reluctantly enrols in an elite New York City boarding school. Wrestling with his new responsibilities, Miles discovers a whole new world hidden at an abandoned NYC subway tunnel, only to get bitten by a stealthy radioactive arachnid from another dimension. Now, gifted with unfathomable powers, much like the original Spider-Man (2002), Miles is shocked to discover that life has become even more complicated, unbeknownst to him that he is about to get caught in the middle of a dreadful inter-dimensional conflict. More and more, with the fate of the multiverse hanging by a thread, young and utterly inexperienced Miles has no other choice but to master his newfound abilities, even though he believes that not everyone is cut out to be a hero. But, a hero isn’t the one who always wins. It’s the one who always tries. Can Miles take a leap of faith, and become Spider-Man?

The Medicom Mafex Into the Spider-Verse Miles Morales is an incredibly detailed, intricately sculpted and (unfortunately) very fragile figure.

When I cracked open the box, I honestly didn’t want to touch the figure. He’s based on a teenage body, given that Miles is about 14 years old in the movie and is incredibly tiny.

The hands and feet are very small and the figure himself is incredibly lean and slender. While, on the one hand, it makes for an accurate appearance, on the other it also means that joints easily separate and the figure comes apart with very little effort.

I’ll explore those concerns further down in the articulation review, but for now, let’s discuss the accessories. Once again, Mafex blows us away with the supplemental pieces they’ve packed with Miles.

Miles comes with… Four different head sculpts! One completely unmasked which is perfectly identical to the animated film.

He also has a sculpt with the mask pulled up on top of his head and two masked heads with wide open and slightly narrower eye pieces.

Miles also has a mask accessory which fits nicely into his relaxed and grasping hands. Miles has soft goods in the form of his hoodie and jacket combo and gym shorts.

The hoodie has bendy wires in the hood and around the waist, which allow you to pose the jacket in action shots and the shorts have a velcro tab to help keep them closed at the waist.

Review: Medicom Mafex #107 Into the Spider-Verse Miles Morales Figure

Review: Medicom Mafex #107 Into the Spider-Verse Miles Morales Figure

These are such beautifully done pieces that even when not on the figure, you can’t help but enjoy looking at the intricate details.

Miles also has the standard Mafex display stand, the five different weblines that we’ve seen in just about every Spider-Man Mafex offering, four pairs of feet: one pair spider costume, one magnetic pair spider costume, one pair of sneakers and one magnetic pair of sneakers.

Lastly, Miles comes with eight pairs of hands!!!! One magnetic wall crawling pair, two pairs of wall crawling/splayed fingers, one pair of fisted, one pair of web holding, one pair “thwipping”, one pair relaxed, and one pair of “action/grasping” hands.

Each of these accessories looks amazing with the figure and with that, let’s discuss Miles’ appearance.

The Mafex Into the Spider-Verse Miles Morales figure looks unbelievable! I am so impressed with the level of detail on such a small sculpt.

The weblines are etched into the figure and give beautiful depth to the rest of the costume detail. The soft goods are easy to add and remove and the level of detail attributed to those is simply amazing.

The hoodie has strings and the shorts have a belt that can be posed around the figure as well. As mentioned earlier, the hood itself and waistband have bendy wire, allowing you to form them around the figure or give some dynamic posability for action shots.

The paint detail is exquisitely applied and Miles masked and unmasked features are clean and very film accurate.

The spider logo has just the right amount of “fuzz” to look as though it were applied with a can of spray paint, as Miles did in the movie but is so cleanly applied that you immediately notice all of the detail to it.

Miles’ facial sculpts mirror his onscreen appearance and Mafex continues to impress with their visage accuracy.

His sneakers are tight and look really dope on the figure, of course due to licensing, WE know that they’re based on the Nike brand, but sadly, cannot exhibit the trademarked logo. (Of course, there’s no reason why they can’t be customized for personal use and viewing. *wink wink*)

The magnetic hands and feet work well, but given my decided lack of metallic surfaces to display him on, remain pretty much packaged in the box.

The articulation is standard for Mafex, but as mentioned earlier, I was very concerned with the delicateness of the figure.

Unfortunately those fears were proven when I popped the left arm off accidentally when posing it in the hoodie and then popped the right leg off when removing the shorts.

I also learned that though he has the typical diaphragm and abdominal crunch, bending him too far back will cause the upper torso to pop off the peg.

The other issue I encountered was with his right elbow. I noticed that it was very loose and was concerned.

Upon closer inspection I saw the hinge pieces were separating, so I squeezed them back together and heard the small pop indicating they were tight on the pin again.

Thankfully, since doing that the elbow has remained sturdy and moves as it should. Anyway, enough gripes, on with the articulation.

The head and neck are on the typical ball peg, giving Miles terrific range of motion for both masked and unmasked sculpts.

Review: Medicom Mafex #107 Into the Spider-Verse Miles Morales Figure

Review: Medicom Mafex #107 Into the Spider-Verse Miles Morales Figure

He can look up, down, side to side, has “attitude” tilt, and if you’re feeling possessed, spin completely around.

He has the beautiful butterfly joints on his shoulders for forward and backward movement, 360 degree rotation, nails the “T” pose and has hidden bicep rotation, better than 90 degree elbow bend and wrists that hinge and swivel on the friction peg.

Each set of hands fits nicely on the wrist pegs and are snug. Miles can bend forward to a degree and back as well, but as mentioned, if you push too far, his torso will pop off the peg.

His legs have the drop down feature, but on mine, it’s very limited. I heated the figure up to try and get more range of movement, but after having popped a leg off (which easily snapped back on) I was reluctant to push my luck.

His knees are double jointed and bend in tightly and the ankles hinge up and down, and thanks to the forward peg feature nice pivot.

The Mafex Into the Spider-Verse Miles Morales is, overall, a very nice figure to own. However, it doesn’t come without it’s own issues and limitations.

I can understand, due to the size and delicateness of the figure, that it’s not likely to be as sturdy as Mafex other creations, but for around $95, I shouldn’t be nervous about handling my figure.

As much as I like the soft goods, I’ve chosen to display him without them, in order to get some better posing options.

I’m torn as to the rating… though. I do like the figure and am impressed with all the detail crammed into such a small offering but I like to play with my figures and this one gives me pause.

So, with that in mind, I’m giving the Mafex Into the Spider-Verse Miles Morales Figure 3.25 toyboxes out of 5.

Thanks for stopping in and reading through! See you all soon, until next time, Geek Out!!!!

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