Michael Keaton’s Batman Beyond Would’ve Given DC A Solid Hit

Written By Kieran Bugg • U.K. Editor

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Michael Keaton’s planned Batman Beyond movie could’ve been the box-office home run DC so badly needs. It should never have been cancelled after Michael Keaton’s epic return in The Flash.

The Flash sadly crashed and burned at the box office; in fact, its international take couldn’t save it. As of present time, it’s only made $172.3 million globally. Its chances of even breaking even are slim to none. Both the CGI and ending received valid criticisms but what truly brought this movie down was its controversial star.

Ezra Miller’s bizarre behavior and frequent run-ins with the law over the past couple of years left a dark cloud over The Flash. Nonetheless, there’s still plenty of reasons to go see this movie in theaters. One being Sasha Calle’s impressive performance as Supergirl; Calle ultimately deserved better than what she got in the final cut.

Another was the exciting return of Michael Keaton who showed audiences that even after 30 years he’s still Batman. Scenes featuring Michael Keaton as the Caped Crusader were considered to be the among the best that The Flash has to offer.

So much so that fans believe this to be the most comic accurate Batman they’ve ever seen in live action.

In addition, director Andy Muschietti has even been hired to helm the upcoming DCU Batman movie, The Brave and the Bold, which will focus on the relationship between Bruce Wayne and his long-lost son Damian. Damian will fight alongside his father as the new Robin like in the comics the story is based on.

Michael Keaton’s Batman Beyond Would’ve Given DC A Solid Hit

Michael Keaton's Batman Beyond Would've Given DC A Solid Hit

Image: Warner Bros. Discovery

Moreover, a new actor will be cast as Batman for this project and future DCU entries.

However, Michael Keaton’s return as Batman originally wasn’t going to be just a one-and-done deal. First, he was set to reprise the role in the scrapped Batgirl movie and would’ve served as a mentor to Leslie Grace’s Barbara Gordon.

Furthermore, there were even plans for him to star in a live-action Batman Beyond movie.

Geekosity founder Mikey Sutton initially scooped this on June 24, 2020, but this plan changed after James Gunn took over the newly formed DC Studios.

Batman Beyond was an animated TV series that debuted on Kids’ WB on January 10, 1999.

The show featured a teenage Batman named Terry McGinnis in a future version of Gotham City. Michael Keaton then would’ve filled the role of an aging Dark Knight, instructing his youthful successor. Fans have been waiting for a Batman Beyond movie for over 20 years now.

That built-in familiarity would’ve provided DC Studios with a tremendous buzz.

Michael Keaton’s Batman Beyond Would’ve Given DC A Solid Hit

Michael Keaton's Batman Beyond Would've Given DC A Solid Hit

Image: Warner Bros. Discovery

Instead, Gunn has loaded his arsenal with, thus far, more obscure titles such as Creature Commandos, Booster Gold, and The Authority. Although a number of DC collectors have these back issues in their long boxes, they won’t have the immediate recognition that Batman Beyond has.

At this point, Michael Keaton has nowhere to go in the DCU.

Which is a shame.

Michael Keaton, 71, has some of his most exciting action sequences as Batman in The Flash.

Keaton’s recent return has proved that it can work with him once playing Wayne. No more Henry Cavill as Superman, and no more Ben Affleck as Batman. Add Keaton to that list. It seems DC Studios just doesn’t get what the fans want to see.

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