Dreamwalker Creator Mikey Sutton Signs Book Deal, 1st Novel in 2024

Written By Kieran Bugg • U.K. Editor

Mikhail Red's Horror Movie Eerie Influenced The Dreamwalker TV Series He'll Now Direct

Dreamwalker creator Mikey Sutton signed a book deal with PaperKat Books in the Philippines. Per Angela Baltan at Village Pipol magazine, the agreement will include Dreamwalker spin-off novels. However, Sutton’s first book, scheduled for an early 2024 release, is a horror anthology set outside the Dreamwalker universe.

Sutton, of Filipino and British descent, is the owner and Editor-in-Chief of Geekosity; he also founded Second Skin Comics, which releases his own Dreamwalker comic book. They’ve announced that they will be partnering with PaperKat Books to explore future storytelling possibilities.

For the past few months, Sutton has been searching for a publisher for his upcoming novel. This book, Haunted Objects, will feature an anthology of various horror-themed stories. It’s a genre Sutton is fond of, as confirmed with his ongoing Dreamwalker series.

In February, Variety reported that a TV show based on Sutton’s Dreamwalker is currently in development and is scheduled to begin filming in the coming months. Philippine actress Kate Valdez (who inspired the character) landed the lead role with Mikhail Red as series director.

Dreamwalker Creator Mikey Sutton Signs Book Deal, 1st Novel in 2024

Dreamwalker Creator Mikey Sutton Signs Book Deal, 1st Novel in 2024

Image: Second Skin Comics

Being a comic-book publisher himself, it’s understandable that he’s looking for the best possible partner he can find. Alongside creative partner and artist Noel Layon Flores launched Dreamwalker on Valentine’s Day in 2022.

Every copy of Dreamwalker first two issues completely sold out with anticipation for No. 3 at an all-time high. Valdez herself will appear on the cover of No. 3 with a photo shoot that her employers, the GMA Network, arranged inside.

Sutton recently came across PaperKat Books founder Kath C. Eustaquio-Derla via social media. Upon receiving one of the novels she’s published, he knew he’d found the perfect person to publish his book.

Opening up on his partnership with Derla, Sutton explained:

If you’ve seen the glossy paper we use for Dreamwalker, you know. But, without seeing any examples yet, it was Kath herself that impressed me on social media. She reminded me of my own boldness and aggressive nature on Facebook. Her work had to be excellent to have that kind of self-confidence. I’ve since received one of the novels she published, and I was proven right. Kath fuels my standards of quality. Some publishers remind me of a broken-down taxi cab. Kath is a Lamborghini.

Dreamwalker Creator Mikey Sutton Signs Book Deal, 1st Novel in 2024

Dreamwalker Creator Mikey Sutton Signs Book Deal, 1st Novel in 2024

Image: Facebook

Moreover, it’s been announced that Second Skin Comics will be joining forces with PaperKat Books for an exciting future in American and Filipino storytelling. Sutton added:

With the Dreamwalker books, I can expand that universe with a multitude of stories. For readers, they can see a universe expanding.

Although Haunted Objects is set in a different continuity than Dreamwalker, Sutton revealed that the initial tale, “Into Your Arms,” has a female protagonist modeled after Valdez.

Under this partnership, Second Skin Comics will print comic-book adaptations of certain PaperKat Books novels, exposing Philippine talent to a worldwide audience. Sutton said:

PaperKat Books and I share similar goals of taking Philippine artists onto the global stage. The Pinoy Invasion of Hollywood is just beginning.

Sutton grew up reading both comics and Stephen King horror books. Sutton admitted he’s dreamed of writing a novel since he was a young teen. Sutton recalled:

For books, it all began with King. I loved Night Shift, his book of various horror stories. That’s where it started for me in the early ’80s. I hope Haunted Objects can have that same kind of impact on young readers. Thanks to PaperKat Books, this dream can finally materialize.