DC Studios’ James Gunn Working With DC Comics

Written by Edwin Francisco

James Gunn is hard at work with DC Comics to make things better at DC Studios.

DC movies, regardless of how new or old they are, feel very disconnected from their comic book counterparts. Even though DC Comics has been the main inspiration for these movie heroes, it felt like DC Comics was just there for marketing. When we get a new movie, we get comic book movie adaptations, and even prequels. But it usually ends there.

It’s even sadder that the TV division and animation also have no connection to the films and each other. They are usually just there to survive on their own. Meanwhile, the TV division of DC had the Arrowverse, and the animation division had their own DC Universe. Both had a good run respectively. Many say they did so much better than the film division. But still, they are separate from the DC Comics that they draw inspiration from.

DC Studios’ James Gunn Working With DC Comics

DC Studios' James Gunn Working With DC Comics

For the first time, the newly formed DC Studios has control over movies, film, animation and even video games. James Gunn and Peter Safran have a lot to prove to the fans and to Warner Bros Discovery. DC Studios was made to replicate what Marvel Studios has done with Marvel’s own cinematic universe. Which is for one thing, has been the most successful movie franchise of all time. And for the past year has been adding TV shows and cartoons that are still part of that unified universe.

One thing DC Studios have no control over is the DC Comics itself. It is a separate division under the comic book legend Jim Lee. James Gunn could have ignored the comics if he wanted to and focus on what he just loves and work with it. But obviously, Gunn is not like that and has been working towards making things right… at least on how he sees things.

Recently a fan has asked Gunn on the social media platform Mastodon about re-releasing some DC comics related to the new DC Studios projects. Dorkland said:

I am excited to see the plans that you and Peter have come up with for the DCU going forward.

I know this isn’t in your power, but I hope that we’ll see a better coordination with DC publishing to have series and reprints featuring characters that DC Studios will bring to the public.

Gunn has been one of the most active filmmakers I’ve seen who interacts with the fans. Even though many question the direction Gunn is going for the DC Universe. The issue with Henry Cavill has gotten fans riled up for the #FireJamesGunn movement thing. People have to relax, and let’s wait and see what he has to offer. What we can be sure of is that Gunn is working on it. Gunn answered Dorkland with:

I am working on this with my friend Jim Lee.

DC Studios’ James Gunn Working With DC Comics

DC Studios, James Gunn, Working, DC Comics

Image: DC Comics

This is good news overall. With a collaboration with DC Comics, they can expand the DC’s cinematic universe beyond the films. Screenrant even has listed a couple of ideas what they can do with this collaboration. DC Comics could release a prequel comic which is something already being done with DC’s The Flash and Black Adam. But what I liked about their suggestion is the possibility of a crossover between the universes from the comics and the cinematic version. At the moment, we don’t exactly know what will happen with DC Studios and DC Comics collaboration. But, because of that, we are excited for the future of the new DC Universe.

James Gunn has taken a lot of flak for losing Cavill, The Rock and canceling Wonder Woman 3. But we are not in his shoes. He and Peter Safran are taking on a huge challenge. Let’s give them time and see how it goes. So far, many of their actions are for the benefit of the future of the DC Universe in general.