Ben Affleck’s Batman Planned To Fight Michael Keaton In Flash Movie

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Ben Affleck’s Batman Planned to Fight Michael Keaton in Flash Movie

Michael Keaton’s Batman may be old, but he’ll apparently school Ben Affleck’s Dark Knight in The Flash movie.

Although he has no powers, Batman is physically tough; Affleck epitomized Batman’s brute force in all his appearances.

However, Batman is highly intelligent.

His genius I.Q. is often overlooked in his cinematic adaptations.

In The Flash film, an insider tossed a rumor that Michael Keaton and Affleck become involved in an altercation.

The source added that it’s a brief scene.

But it conveys that the OG Batman, the vintage ’89 model, is still the greatest of them all.

Obviously, this has the potential of upsetting Affleck fans; nevertheless, it’s not meant as an insult to the Snyderverse.

Rather, it’s simply a tribute to Michael Keaton’s legacy.

After all, his Batman has years of experience over Affleck’s.

It would make sense that his Batman would be more clever if not stronger.

In a way, it’s similar to Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns.

No, Batman didn’t fight a multiverse variant in that 1986 graphic novel.

However, he proved he is still the ultimate badass as a senior citizen.

Ben Affleck’s Batman Planned to Fight Michael Keaton in Flash Movie

Image: Warner Bros

Batman beat the hell out of Superman in The Dark Knight Returns (spoiler alert: he cheated).

Having Michael Keaton in fisticuffs with Affleck is something audiences had never seen before.

Nevertheless, we are told that Affleck doesn’t suffer a humiliating defeat.

The sequence is a short one; there’s also a chance it could end up on the cutting-room floor.

There is a lot of anticipation for Andy Muschietti’s The Flash. People are excited and want to know more details.

But ever since we saw images of Michael Keaton’s return as Batman and Sasha Calle’s Supergirl (which got a lot of mixed reactions), Warner Bros. has been doing their best to control the rumors with very little success.

The Flash, starring Ezra Miller, is partially inspired from the comic book Flashpoint.

In that series, Barry Allen, the Flash, wakes up in a different universe where everything he knows doesn’t exist anymore.

Furthermore, it’s a world where he also loses his powers.

Recently, we also reported that the Barry Allen from this other universe intends to kill Ben Affleck’s Batman.

Consequently, we are already expecting that Flash will fight it off with the evil version of himself.

Now, we have seen pictures of Ben Affleck’s Dark Knight riding the Batcycle.

It’s now confirmed that he’s going to be more involved, not just a mere cameo.

Why would you spend money to make a physical version of the Batcycle for filming if it’s just going to be a small cameo?

Simple, you don’t.

Ben Affleck’s Batman Planned to Fight Michael Keaton in Flash Movie

Image: Warner Bros

It’s a DC Films multiverse showdown.

This is giving us Injustice: Gods Among Us fighting game vibes already.

Flash fighting Flash, Batman fighting Batman.

Now, we wonder what role Supergirl has to do in this movie.

We’ve mentioned before that we’ve heard about Affleck having already shot scenes with Michael Keaton.

But this is the first time we got news that they will confront each other.

At this time, we don’t know how the fight even started.

We do presume that it’s a misunderstanding between the two versions. (If anyone says “Martha,” we’ll bolt for the exits.)

Moreover, we are not aware if both are in costume for this sequence.

It could be Bruce Wayne vs. Bruce Wayne.

Miller is supposed to be the star of the show, but so far with all the leaks and rumors running around, everybody else is stealing the attention.

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