Asians in America: Lisa Taiga Helps People Achieve Goals

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Asians in America Lisa Taiga Helps People Achieve Goals

This column that spotlights Asian-Americans who provide a much-needed positive voice within their community. One way or another, they are making a difference. There are countless Asian-Americans outside the entertainment industry who are leaving a mark in the world.

Lisa Taiga was born in Japan but raised in China. She relocated to Seattle at the age of 20; since then, she helps people achieve their goals in a post-pandemic world.

Mikey Sutton: I’ve been continually impressed as to how positive and inspiring your Facebook page is. I don’t see that too often on social media. How did you get such an uplifting view of life in general?

Lisa Taiga: Coming from a multi-cultural background and moving around from city to city (Shanghai, Taiwan, Kobe, Seattle), we never really had a lot growing up. So, I learned from a young age to be grateful for everything that is in your life right now. Once we start being grateful for what we have instead of being fearful of what we are missing, we can really start to enjoy life at a level that not even money can buy.

Sutton: Many people have a difficult time getting motivated. What would be your advice towards them?

Taiga: Your mindset is the key to your success. Everything starts with your mindset – your day, your words, your actions…everything. Most of us have this mindset of fear of failure when trying something new. Instead of focusing on the result, focus on the experience you obtain on your journey of reaching your goals.

Remember, everything takes time and practice, there is always going to be room for improvement so be positive, enjoy the little things and be open to learning.

Asians in America: Lisa Taiga Helps People Achieve Goals

Asians in America: Lisa Taiga Helps People Achieve Goals

Image: Lisa Taiga, Facebook

Sutton: Where did you grow up? How would you describe the environment in which you were raised?

Taiga: I was born in Kobe, Japan. Raised in Shanghai, China. Moved to Seattle at the tender age of 20. Being raised in China was very traditional and strict. We always had to keep our scores high in school, and we were not allowed to eat and watch TV at the same time at home.

My dad once told my brother and I he wants us to be able to connect internationally. To do so, I moved to America to learn the most spoken language in the world and its culture.

Sutton: Being half-Asian myself (my mother is a Filipina), I’m very supportive of Asian-American communities, especially in Seattle. Have you had any challenging experiences being of Asian descent and how did you overcome them?

Taiga: No, I have not experienced any type of discrimination because of my ethnicity. I consider myself lucky to have moved to Seattle because Seattle is very diverse multi-culturally. However, I do acknowledge Asian hate is a real thing and I just want to remind everyone that we are all of the same race, the human race.

Sutton: Tell me about MDT (Million Dollar Team). What is it about and what do you do for them?

Taiga: Million Dollar Team was created by our founder, Mark Danly Cuison Tan.

If you abbreviate Mark’s full name MDCT, you get the initial idea for the Million Dollar Team which stands for Make Dreams Come True. Everyone might have different dreams, but we all carry the same mission – to make dreams come true!

As a team member of MDT, I am a Living Benefit Crusader. I help individuals and families protect themselves financially from unexpected events by finding them a suitable plan which grows their wealth and protects their assets.

Asians in America: Lisa Taiga Helps People Achieve Goals

Asians in America: Lisa Taiga Helps People Achieve Goals

Image: Lisa Taiga, Facebook

Sutton: The global pandemic was difficult for everyone. How were you able to maintain a successful business during COVID-19?

Taiga: The pandemic in a weird way was a blessing for people like me in my line of work. Due to the pandemic, many people became more aware that the future is not guaranteed for their loved ones and families.

Coming into this realization myself, I made it my mission to do my best and help as many as people to get protected with living benefits.

Sutton: I’ve been able to reach a number of dreams that I’ve pursued. What would you say to people who are wanting to give up on them?

Taiga: Don’t be scared to chase your dreams! Having dreams makes life much more meaningful, right? Failure is just part of the journey, embrace it. Learn from it, then let it go. When you want to give up, think about why did you start? What is your why? Go all in and live your life to the fullest!

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