The Snyder Cut On HBO Max: Real Numbers Revealed! Smash Hit!

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The Snyder Cut: Real Numbers Reveal Huge 3.7 Million Households Initially Tuned In

The Snyder Cut was a smash hit on HBO Max, watched by 3.7 million households in its first 39 days. Warner Bros. hid The Snyder Cut numbers from fans, who continue speculating in the dark about how it did.

In fact, AT&T Analyst and Investor Day on March 12 disappointed many because it didn’t solve the mystery of The Snyder Cut numbers.

The viewer tracker application Samba TV received significant attention for being the first to publish any sort of Snyder Cut numbers.

Samba TV Senior Director Dr. Jeffrey Silverman appeared with YouTube personality Syl Abdul and I to discuss the latest data.

In short, Zack Snyder’s Justice League exploded on HBO Max.

Silverman revealed that:

The Snyder Cut beat almost every other movie we looked at [upon its release on HBO Max.]

In fact, only Disney Plus’ Soul and HBO Max’ Wonder Woman 1984 topped it in its first 30 days.

However, Soul and Wonder Woman 1984 were both entirely new films that had billion-dollar potential at the theatrical box office.

Moreover, they were both launched on Christmas when families gathered together at home.

The Snyder Cut wasn’t expected to reach their highs.

The Snyder Cut: Real Numbers Revealed! Smash Hit!

The Snyder Cut: Real Numbers Reveal Huge 3.7 Million Households Initially Tuned In

Image: Samba TV

Furthermore, Wonder Woman 1984 started to level off on its third day.

The Snyder Cut, on the other hand, moved upward.

I asked Silverman if this was due to positive word-of-mouth towards The Snyder Cut, and he agreed.

After all, Wonder Woman 1984 polarized fans and critics.

Its longevity was already in question when the lackluster reviews poured in.

Some may not fully see the validity of Samba TV because they only extract findings from smart televisions around the world.

Nevertheless, how is that any less accurate than the Nielsen ratings?

Nielsen estimated there were 120.6 million TV homes in the U.S. for 2019-20.

But as of 2017, “the study sample Nielsen uses is just over .03 percent of the actual U.S. households with televisions.”

Silverman explained that Samba TV “projects up using our research to represent the entire population.”

From my own perspective, the viewership is possibly even bigger, not smaller.

Many are worried that Warner Bros. is silent about The Snyder Cut because it possibly flopped on HBO Max. Not even close.

I asked Silverman directly if, based on Samba TV’s objective analysis, The Snyder Cut truly clicked?

The Snyder Cut is “absolutely a success,” Silverman replied. “It did great. That’s an objective fact.”

The Snyder Cut: Real Numbers Reveal Huge 3.7 Million Households Initially Tuned In

Image: HBO Max

But Warner Bros. continues to ignore and troll Snyder fans instead tossing high-fives in their direction for The Snyder Cut‘s popularity.

I don’t believe in conspiracy theories; however, something smells at Warner Bros.

The Hamada Burgers have the stench of raw BS.

Clearly, they don’t want Snyder fandom to sniff the truth beneath the sewage of lies and buried truths.

Warner Bros., as I have been consistently told, doesn’t want Snyder’s followers to know that it blew up on HBO Max.

DC Films has their vague plans going forward with J.J. Abrams’ multiverse.

They would rather gamble on an uncertain future instead of giving the fans what they’re truly seeking.

AT&T, on the other hand, are the silent parental figures who see these results and will take action.

HBO Max is the future, and Snyder has now proven he can dominate the streamer.

Stay tuned.

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