The Flash – DC Rebirth By McFarlane Toys

Written by Dan Hickman • Toy Editor

The Flash - DC Rebirth by McFarlane Toys

McFarlane Toys nails it with the DC Rebirth figure of The Flash! He’s The Scarlet Speedster, The Fastest Man Alive, he’s Barry Allen, The Flash!

While working late at police headquarters one evening, police forensic scientist Barry Allen was doused with an electrified mix of chemicals after lightning struck his laboratory. This mixture altered Barry’s body chemistry granting him incredible speed based powers.

As the Flash, Barry can travel beyond the speed of light, has complete control over his entire molecular structure, to the point where he can vibrate his molecules so quickly that he can pass between the gaps of molecules in solid structures. Barry is so fast that he can run across the surface of water without sinking, can defy gravity and race up the sides of buildings. Barry sacrificed himself to save all reality in Crisis on Infinite Earths, but has since returned. Through time Barry has learned that his powers and those of other speedsters is granted them by the mysterious “Speed Force.”

Let’s dig into Dan’s Toybox and take a close look at the McFarlane Toys DC Rebirth Flash figure. I’m very pleased with how he has turned out. This offering shows that McFarlane Toys can get figures right when they set their minds to it.

The Flash - DC Rebirth by McFarlane Toys

The Flash comes with a black base and six translucent yellow lightning effects for speed. The lightning effects are sculpted incredibly well and port easily into slots on the figures arms, legs, and back. Additionally, there is an attachment that can port onto the bottom of his foot when in a running pose. These really give the figure a phenomenal look of both speed and power. The costume design is based on the New 52 look for the figure and is impressive in it’s sculpt and design. That said, let’s discuss his aesthetics.

The Flash - DC Rebirth by McFarlane Toys

The DC Rebirth version of The Flash features amazing sculpt detail all throughout the figure. I was absolutely blown away by the attention to design accuracy that McFarlane applied to this character. I initially wasn’t crazy about the sculpted chest emblem as it seemed to be too condensed looking, but the more I’ve looked at the lightning bolt, the more I like it. The lightning bolt belt and gauntlet pieces are excellent and his lightning bolt earpieces really convey a sense of speed. I’m a big fan of the slight smirk on his face, definitely evoking the easy going, fun loving nature of Barry Allen.

The paint applications on The Flash are excellent, applied consistently, and don’t bleed into one another. My biggest complaint is with the soft lower torso piece as it has a tendency to flare up with you bend the legs forward and doesn’t go back into place very quickly. I wish that he’d come with extra hands as he’s got one-fisted hand and one with fingers splayed open. Neither is great for running poses, but still they are nicely sculpted.

The Flash – DC Rebirth By McFarlane Toys Gets It Right

The Flash - DC Rebirth by McFarlane Toys

Overall, The Flash really looks tremendous and could have stepped right out of the comic books. As with the Azrael figure we reviewed previously, McFarlane nailed the Flash perfectly.

Insofar as articulation is concerned, McFarlane does give the Flash a great degree of movement. The Flash’s head turns easily and looks down quite far. Unfortunately he cannot look up very far, which limits (to a degree) how deeply you can lean him forward in running poses.

The Flash - DC Rebirth by McFarlane Toys

The Flash features relatively useless butterfly joints at the shoulders, but his arms will raise up quite high to the sides and can rotate 360 degrees. The Flash has a minimal bicep swivel which is hindered by the design and shape of the shoulder and biceps themselves. He has a very nicely functioning double jointed elbow and ball jointed wrists and ankles that offer a solid range of motion.

The Flash has an upper diaphragm joint with really doesn’t lean forward all that well, but does pivot and rotate side to side. His lower abdomen joint will also tilt but doesn’t rotate. The Flash’s legs don’t split very far out, but do move forward and backward very nicely. He doesn’t have any upper thigh swivel at all, but his knees are double jointed and bend in quite far. In addition to the ankle ball joint, The Flash has toe articulation which makes his running poses look even more cool.

McFarlane Toys is really starting to get it right.

If they can continue to produce figures as well done as the Flash and Azrael, I may be tempted to purchase more from this line. At the price point of $22, this Flash is well worth adding to your collection, easily earning 4.5 solid toyboxes out of 5. Thanks for stopping by the toybox and until your next visit… Geek Out!

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