Sony’s Morbius Film Delayed Until The End Of The Year

Written By Kerian Bugg • UK Editor • Writer


Another day, another delay. Sony’s upcoming Marvel film: Morbius, starring Jared Leto as the living vampire, has once again been pushed back.

This time from it’s initial March 19th release date to near the end of the year on October 8th.

This is the third time Sony has been forced to delay the movie and with this being a big film for Sony’s universe of Marvel characters and for their film division which was already struggling to keep it’s head above water before the pandemic began, can they afford to keep the new theatre release date without having to send the movie to VOD?

Personally, I don’t see Sony sending any of their potential franchise movies to any streaming service without a theatrical release. Sony is stubborn, so they’ll likely keep it saved until theaters are reopened.

What does this mean for the upcoming Spider-Man films?

They’ll likely want to keep the movies in the same order of release they originally planned. So, worst case scenario will be push backs for the upcoming Spider-Man sequel and Venom: Let There Be Carnage.

Will this delay any Marvel plans? From what Mikey has been reporting – not likely.

Morbius and other Sony/Marvel collaborations may be set within the confines of the MCU but as Mikey previously said Sony’s movies will effect only Spider-Man movies and not the MCU as a whole. So it’s unlikely outside of Spider-Man’s solo movies, delays will effect Marvel’s plans.

Source: Variety