Ray Park Teases Darth Maul’s Return on Instagram

Written By Mikey Sutton • Editor-in-Chief • Owner

Ray Park has teased returning as Darth Maul on his official Instagram account. In the post, Ray Park posted a head of horns with the words, “Meet me on Dathomir! SITH LIFE!” While there’s no official announcement, this is simply too intriguing to ignore.

Ray Park played Darth Maul only twice. He debuted in 1999’s Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace, but was seemingly killed in there as well.

Other than a cameo in 2018’s Solo: A Star Wars Story and motion capture in one episode of the CGI animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Ray Park’s Darth Maul has had no screen time.

Like Boba Fett, Darth Maul is one of those bad-ass Star Wars villains that fans rate high on the coolness scale but are barely seen.

Ray Park could simply be campaigning for returning the character; nevertheless, there are opportunities for him to come back.

The first possibility for Darth Maul would be the upcoming Obi-Wan Kenobi TV series on Disney Plus. Ewan McGregor will be reprising the title role in that show. Hayden Christensen was already signed to return as Darth Vader; consequently, it sounds likely that Ray Park could be invited back, too.

Obi-Wan Kenobi starts filming in Los Angeles in the spring.

Interestingly, the Lando series on Disney Plus could pick up where Solo left off.

That film ended with Darth Maul commanding smuggler Qi’ra (Emilia Clarke) to meet him on Dathomir. Dathomir is Darth Maul’s home world.

Solo‘s cliffhanger has been rumored to be completed on Disney Plus, and there’s no more fitting outlet than Lando to achieve that.

Whether Ray Park is simply doing some wishful thinking or just pushing his followers to encourage Lucasfilm remains to be seen.

As far as I’m concerned, it’s inevitable that he will be Darth Maul once again.