Keanu Reeves Constantine Sequel Receives Promising Update

Written By Kieran Bugg • U.K. Editor

Keanu Reeves Constantine Sequel Receives Promising Update

Keanu ReevesConstantine sequel has received an optimistic update from writer Akiva Goldsman amid the still ongoing WGA strike. No one is 100% sure if the previously announced sequel to Keanu ReevesConstantine movie will even come to fruition.

Before the Warner Bros. Discovery merger, the future of DC was looking up for once. We had Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck back as Superman and Batman.

Keanu Reeves Constantine Sequel Receives Promising Update

Sequels for Wonder Woman, Black Adam and Zack Snyder’s Justice League were all rumoured to be in the works. Moreover, a sequel to Man Of Steel was finally confirmed to also be in development.

Things were looking hopeful when we first saw Cavill’s Superman emblem emerge from the shadows in Black Adam’s post-credit scene. Nonetheless, it all came crashing down once James Gunn was appointed as co-CEO of the newly established DC Studios.

All of these upcoming sequels were swiftly given the axe in favour of a full franchise reboot. In addition, Gunn later revealed the first chapter of his upcoming DCU movies and TV shows.

These included reboots for Batman, Superman, Supergirl and Swamp-Things plus completely new I.P.s like The Authority and Creature Commandos. Furthermore, a separate Elseworlds franchise was jointly confirmed.

This included Matt Reeves’ The Batman universe, Todd Phelps’ Joker movies and various still ongoing animated and live-action TV series. However there was no sign of Keanu Reeves’ previously announced Constantine sequel leaving it’s future in flux.

Over the year we’ve heard little updates confirming that the movie is still being developed. Now we’ve just received our biggest and most promising update yet amid the ongoing WGA strike.

Keanu Reeves Constantine Sequel Receives Promising Update

Constantine 2’s writer Akiva Goldsman recently spoke with The Playlist explaining that the strike has halted progress. Nevertheless he assures fans that both he and Keanu Reeves have ‘broken’ Constantine 2.

Meaning the sequel is still coming. Goldsman said:

“My pens are down, so there’s nothing to do. But, yeah, those are the next things I’m writing when I’m allowed to write again. And I had already begun I Am Legend 2 when we started striking, and Frances Lawrence, Keanu Reeves, and I have broken Constantine 2. I just haven’t started typing yet.”

It’s certain that this movie will fall into the Elseworlds category.