James Bond Replacement Search Lands New Frontrunner

Written By Kieran Bugg

James Bond Replacement Search Lands New Frontrunner

James Bond replacement search has found a new frontrunner for the iconic role.

When you think of British cinema, the first thing you’ll more than likely think of will be James Bond. After all, it’s one of the longest running movie series that’s still ongoing.

In addition, it’s also one of the successful film franchises in history currently ranking at number five worldwide. At the time of writing, all twenty five movies have accumulated a total of $7,836,485,924 at the global box office.

Moreover, there has only been official six actors who’ve portrayed the iconic spy over the past sixty years. Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig.

James Bond Replacement Search Lands New Frontrunner

The franchise’s latest entry No Time To Die, marked the end of Craig’s fifteen year long tenure as James Bond. His iteration of the character met an emotional death after being infected by Lyutsifer Safin’s (Rami Malek) nano bot virus.

James Bond sacrificed himself by allowing the remote island he was on to be bombed along with him. Nonetheless, the franchise will continue with another actor taking on the role titular secret agent.

Before No Time To Die had even been released, there was widespread speculation on who’ll be the next James Bond. Furthermore, Spider-Man actor Tom Holland has constantly thrown his hat in the ring since he’s a lifelong 007 fan.

However producers have revealed that they’re looking at older actors to star in the upcoming reboot. The most prominent names that have popped up during the still ongoing search are:

Henry Cavill, Tom Hardy and Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

All of whom are English born actors. At the moment, Henry Cavill is the apparent favourite to assume the lead role of the James Bond franchise.

However, it’s now been reported that another actor is close to winning the role. James Norton who’s known for his role in the hit BBC drama series Happy Valley is now a rumoured frontrunner.

Norton portrayed vile villain Tommy Lee Royce. The latest odds from the British betting company Ladbrokes are:

James Norton – 9/4
Aaron Taylor-Johnson – 5/2
Henry Cavill – 11/4
Rege-Jean Page – 9/1
Jack Lowden – 10/1
Tom Hardy – 10/1
Idris Elba – 12/1

James Bond Replacement Search Lands New Frontrunner

James Bond Replacement Search Lands New Frontrunner

Image: BBC

In the end this all just speculation. Only franchise controller Barbara Broccoli truly knows.