Guy Gardner To Make DCU Debut In Superman: Legacy

Written By Kieran Bugg • U.K. Editor

Guy Gardner To Make DCU Debut In Superman: Legacy

Guy Gardner’s Green Lantern will make his DCU debut in James Gunn’s Superman: Legacy with Nathan Fillion portraying the character. There’s been a fair few characters over the years that’ve joined the ranks of the Green Lantern Corps.

Whilst Hal Jordan and John Stewart are arguably the most popular Green Lanterns, there are others who also standout among fans. One of which being the arrogant and hot-headed Guy Gardner.

Many probably remember him most for being knocked out by Batman with one punch in after challenging him in front of the Justice League. Nonetheless there’s more to this Green Lantern than his cocky attitude and hilarious confrontation with the Dark Knight.

Guy Gardner To Make DCU Debut In Superman: Legacy

Guy Gardner To Make DCU Debut In Superman: Legacy

Image: DC Comics

First appearing in DC’s Green Lantern #59 back in March 1968, Guy Gardner was created by writer John Broome and artist Gil Kane. Growing up, he was abused on a daily basis by his alcoholic father whom he desperately tried to earn approval from.

Guy’s older brother Mace was spared from their father’s wrath and was instead given the love that he longed for. Like many of us, Guy found solace and escape in comic books with his favourite superhero being General Glory.

Moreover, he even modelled his infamous bowl haircut on General Glory’s sidekick Ernie. In the years that followed, a teenage Guy Gardner found himself in and out of Juvenile Detention Centres.

Mace manages to set him on the straight and narrow eventually becoming a police officer. In addition, he then goes on to earn a bachelor’s degrees in education and psychology and even begins playing football.

Unfortunately after sustaining an injury, Guy is forced to quit playing football which deeply affects him. When Abin Sur crashed on Earth with fatal injuries, his power ring sought out it’s new wearer.

Ultimately it came down to either Hal Jordan or Guy Gardner with Jordan being chosen due to being closer. Furthermore, it’s revealed that if Gardener had been chosen initially, he would’ve died not long after becoming a Green Lantern.

Guy Gardner To Make DCU Debut In Superman: Legacy

Despite this, Jordan began a friendship with Gardner and was eventually made an honorary member of the Green Lantern Corps. Recently James Gunn confirmed via social media that Guy Gardner will appear in Superman: Legacy.

He’ll be portrayed by Gunn’s close friend and longtime colleague Nathan Fillion. Fillion previously appeared as The Detachable Kid in The Suicide Squad which was also directed by James Gunn.

He also voiced Hal Jordan in multiple DC animated films and specials.