Grant Gustin Won’t Replace Controversial Ezra Miller As The Flash

Written By Kieran Bugg and Mikey Sutton • Editor-in-Chief • Owner

Grant Gustin Seen On The Flash Movie Set

Grant Gustin will not replace Ezra Miller as the Flash. YouTube personality John Campea tried to ignite an old rumor. In fact, we debunked it originally on April 12, 2022.

Still, it’s no surprise that some people want Miller gone. Campea, in particular, doesn’t support keeping them.

Certain folks perceive the controversial actor as a real-life supervillain rather than a superhero. Given the heinous allegations towards them over the past new year, there’s no wonder.

In fact, Miller’s arrest record make them more like a member of the Suicide Squad than the Justice League.

Nonetheless, this hasn’t shaken Warner Bros. Discovery’s confidence in Miller or their upcoming DC movie, The Flash. With a reported budget of over $200 million, WBD holds high expectations for the movie.

Miller portrays two different versions of Barry Allen throughout the story. His performance wowed WBD executives and test audiences.

Grant Gustin Won’t Replace Controversial Ezra Miller As The Flash

Grant Gustin Won't Replace Controversial Ezra Miller As The Flash

Image: The CW

Thus, WBD would like to retain Miller if The Flash succeeds. In other words, if the picture runs the $1 billion global barrier, Miller likely stays.

Sound impossible? Well, Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel smashed $1 billion worldwide in 2019, and she’s nowhere as familiar as the Flash.

Moreover, The Flash will officially end the DCEU timeline and pave way for James Gunn’s new DCU. Sort of. Ironically, The Flash‘s success could keep the DCEU and therefore the SnyderVerse alive.

The Elseworlds line of DC films keeps this possible. For example, Matt Reeves’ The Batman fits into that narrative.

It’s pretty clear that a lot is riding on this movie to be a hit. Thankfully, those who’ve seen the final cut of The Flash have nothing but praise for the potential blockbuster.

Some have even compared it to The Dark Knight.

In addition, Gunn even went as far as to call it ‘one of the greatest superhero movies ever.’ With all that being said, The Flash should win over the critics unlike the underrated Black Adam.

Thus, while nobody can predict its future box-office receipts, signs point upward. On the contrary. The Flash still has Miller attached. That could affect it.

What about Grant Gustin then? While it’s too late to remove Miller from The Flash, could Grant Gustin pop up at the end?

According to Campea, Grant Gustin will take over the role in DCU going forward. Grant Gustin has portrayed the character on The Flash CW TV series for the past nine years.

Furthermore, the former Glee star has become synonymous with the role akin to Christopher Reeve as Superman.

Via his YouTube channel, Campea revealed:

“Could we, by the end of The Flash movie, literally see a new performer in the role… I’ve had a little bird tell me and I’m sure this little bird is also telling a few other people, so you’re probably going to see this pop up over the next day or two around some other places as well that, just a short version, Grant Gustin, who plays The Flash in the television series The Flash is going to be the new Flash of the DC Universe.”

While this would be amazing, it’s also completely untrue. Grant Gustin won’t be the DCU’s Flash. As of right now, Miller keeps his Flash role.

Grant Gustin Won’t Replace Controversial Ezra Miller As The Flash

Grant Gustin Won't Replace Controversial Ezra Miller As The Flash

Image: The CW

Meanwhile, Grant Gustin speeds off into the sunset. His Flash is ending. In contrast, Miller’s could be just beginning.

Those expecting DC Studios co-CEO Gunn to reboot the entire DC cinematic universe are only partially correct. Gunn won’t cancel his Peacemaker, which includes his wife Jennifer Holland.

Miller’s future as the Scarlet Speedster will be determined by DC Studios once their recovery is complete. The only question remains if when will fans recover if Miller is kept but Henry Cavill’s Superman and Ben Affleck’s Batman saw the exit doors.