Deadpool Actor Reaffirms That Third Film Will Be R-Rated

Written By Kieran Bugg • U.K. Editor

Deadpool Actor Reaffirms That Third Film Will Be R-Rated

Deadpool trilogy actor Karan Soni has reaffirmed that the third film will be R-rated and Disney hasn’t toned it down. While Ryan Reynolds did carry both Deadpool films on his shoulders, credit also goes out to his amazing co-stars.

There’s no doubt that the movies wouldn’t nearly be as enjoyable as it is without them backing up Reynolds. One who stands out the most is Deadpool’s trusty taxi driver and wannabe contract killer Dopinder.

Deadpool Actor Reaffirms That Third Film Will Be R-Rated

Whilst he never appeared in the comics, Dopinder instantly became one of the most popular original characters in Marvel movies. He’s played by Indian-American actor and comedian Karan Soni in both films.

In addition, Karan Soni also provided the voice for Spider-Man India (Pavitr Prabhakar) in Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse. Easily one of the Spider-Verse’s most memorable new additions thanks to Soni’s lovable performance.

Moreover, the actor is set to reprise his role as both characters in the upcoming sequels to both franchises. With Deadpool 3 currently filming, Soni recently sat down with to discuss the movie.

It will serve as the foul-mouthed mercenary’s integration into the MCU following Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox. Despite numerous confirmations, not everyone is convinced that this will mean Deadpool 3 won’t be as hardcore as it’s predecessors.

Nonetheless, Karan Soni has reassured fans that Deadpool 3 is still going to be R-rated. Furthermore, he also explained that the sequel won’t feel toned down when compared to the first two films.

During his interview, the actor set the record straight by saying:

“I have begun working on that one, so I can say that it is the same as the other two. It’s like hard R. There’s a lot of that stuff. So it does not feel different, the only thing that, for me, is different is that I have not gotten the script this time. The other two, we did get it, it’s a big difference, at least for me, the MCU part of it vs. the Fox/Marvel part of it. They’re so strict. So I’ve only seen glimpses of what I’m in. When I did some of the stuff, I saw some things that I didn’t know were in the thing. I think, I would just say it this way: Ryan doesn’t need to do any of these movies unless he gets to do his version of it and he is such a star, and, I don’t need to say this, a creative genius. He’s taking this opportunity and really pushing everything and, definitely, he’s doing a lot of cool stuff. I feel very optimistic about it. Him and Shawn, they work so well together, that I think it will be really exciting for people to see how they take their collaborations that they’ve done, now successfully twice, in this new version and play in this massive sandbox with a lot of stuff. It is very, very exciting. I will not underestimate Ryan Reynolds.”

Deadpool Actor Reaffirms That Third Film Will Be R-Rated

Given Ryan Reynolds’ passion for the character, there’s no chance he would let his third solo film be any different from the previous two.