Blue Beetle Fan Screenings Are Happening In The U.K.

Written By Kieran Bugg • U.K. Editor

Blue Beetle Fan Screenings Are Happening In The U.K.

Blue Beetle fan screenings are currently underway in the U.K. proving that Warner Bros. Discovery haven’t learned from the colossal failure of The Flash.

Despite good word of mouth from test audiences and an exclusive screening at CinemaCon, The Flash still managed to become one of the biggest box office flops of all time. Before hand several high ups at Warner Bros. Discovery including DC Studios co-chief James Gunn praised The Flash as the best superhero film since 2008’s The Dark Knight.

Nonetheless, this didn’t seem to ring true once critics and general audiences got to see the final film in theatres. Upon release, The Flash received mixed reviews with criticism being aimed at the film’s poor CGI and lacklustre third act.

Blue Beetle Fan Screenings Are Happening In The U.K.

However the action sequences, humour and performances received high praise from critics. Nevertheless this wasn’t enough to save The Flash from tripping up as it’s been reported that the studio has lost up to $200 million.

Overall, blame has mostly been placed on star Ezra Miller due to all the bad press they’ve brought upon The Flash following their crime spree in Hawaii last year. While this certainly may be the case, it’s also possible that moviegoers just weren’t interested after James Gunn announced that the DCEU was being rebooted.

Moreover, hardcore DC fans were given exclusive early access to the movie before it’s global premiere free of charge. Unsurprisingly, their reactions to The Flash were overwhelmingly positive with not a single criticism to be seen leaving many questioning their sincerity.

In addition, spoilers for the film began leaking online which likely didn’t help The Flash’s performance at the box office in the long run as people didn’t like what they were hearing. Despite this obvious blunder, it seems that Warner Bros. hasn’t learned anything as Blue Beetle is set to receive it’s own exclusive fan screening in the U.K..

While the review embargo for Blue Beetle is yet to be lifted, this won’t stop potential plot leaks from happening. Already, early reviews are once again praising this as one of DC’s best ever movies just like The Flash.

Blue Beetle Fan Screenings Are Happening In The U.K.

We all know how that turned out. History could be about to repeat itself.