Batgirl Caught In A Hilarious DC Marketing Blunder

Written By Kieran Bugg • U.K. Editor

Batgirl’s cancelled solo film logo was accidentally featured on a new DC comic book stand that promotes the upcoming Blue Beetle movie. DC has gone through so many blunders in recent years with their endless attempts to catch up with the MCU.

Instead of carefully planning out a shared narrative like Marvel Studios did with connected solo films that respectively introduced their lead characters, DC decided to introduce their heroes all through quick cameos in their second movie with no buildup. Moreover, when it finally came time for the Justice League to unite on the big screen, the results were nothing short of disastrous after Warner Bros. began interfering.

Batgirl Caught In A Hilarious DC Marketing Blunder

After this, interest for pretty much anything associated with the DCEU hit an all-time low. Nonetheless, former DC Films head Walter Hamada planned to rejuvenate interest in the franchise with a new slate of projects.

One of which will be released later this month before the new DC Studios co-heads James Gunn and Peter Safran move ahead with their DCU reboot. Blue Beetle flies into theatres on August 18th and stars Cobra Kai’s Xolo Maridueña as the titular teen superhero.

In addition, DC’s marketing team have begun featuring the character on various forms of merchandise and promotional material. Recently a DC fan posted a picture of himself on social media next to a Blue Beetle comic book stand.

Unsurprisingly the top row consists of nothing but Blue Beetle comics. Furthermore, the stand also promotes several other DC movies.

The writing at the bottom of the stand says:

“Check out all of the DC films coming soon.”

These include:

The Batman, Black Adam, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, DC’s League of Superpets, Batgirl and The Flash.

Batgirl Caught In A Hilarious DC Marketing Blunder

Batgirl Caught In A Hilarious DC Marketing Blunder

Image: Twitter

What’s funny about this is that all but two of these films have already been released with The Batman being the only one that was a success. Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is scheduled to hit theatres on Christmas Day while Batgirl as you probably know was shockingly cancelled by the studio as a tax write-off.

Obviously this comic book stand was made long before the Batgirl movie got the axe. This is yet another blunder from DC with them promoting a film that will sadly never see the light of day.