Alita: Battle Angel Director Gives Promising Sequel Update

Written By Kieran Bugg

Alita: Battle Angel Director Gives Promising Sequel Update

Alita: Battle Angel director Robert Rodriguez has recently given fans a promising sequel update.

Not long ago, producer Jon Landau teased that talks of a Alita: Battle Angel sequel were happening. Moreover, he confirmed that negotiations with star Rosa Salazar were taking place for her to return as the titular cyborg.

Alita: Battle Angel Director Gives Promising Sequel Update

While the film’s plot was met with mixed reviews, Salazar’s moving performance was well received. In addition, he further revealed that director Robert Rodriguez was also in talks to helm the potential sequel.

Rodriguez directed the first instalment in this magna inspired adaptation from Hollywood visionary James Cameron. When teases of a second movie began to emerge, fans of the 2019 cyberpunk action film were up in arms.

Nonetheless, very little more has been said about the upcoming Alita sequel since. However, Robert Rodriguez was recently asked about the future of the franchise during an interview with Collider.

Rodriguez confirmed that talks were indeed still ongoing and that he’s optimistic that a new Alita movie is coming. Furthermore, he explained that he was unsure if a sequel would even happen after Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox.

Now that Disney are releasing new projects under the 20th Century Fox banner, his hope was immediately revived. Whilst speaking to Collider, the director said:

“I mean, movement other than us talking about it? You know, I just wasn’t sure it was ever gonna happen because even when the first movie came out, Disney had just bought Fox, so even our marketing people, everybody, were gone by the time that movie came out. And then there wasn’t any Fox movies being made for years because Disney was still busy making their own Disney stuff. But now I’ve seen some Fox movies come out, so that gave me hope. And then when Jon Landau mentioned that, and then James Cameron and I have been talking that we always wanted to do an ‘Alita’ sequel. He outlined, very thoroughly, a second and a third film, so there’s already material there. So yeah, we’re hoping that that will happen. But nothing more definitive than that.”

Alita: Battle Angel Director Gives Promising Sequel Update

Even though an Alita sequel still isn’t guaranteed at this point, it’s looking more and more likely that it’ll happen.