Zack Snyder Again Hints At Justice League Sequel On Social Media

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Zack Snyder once again teases a Justice League sequel on social media. On his Vero account, Zack Snyder posted Ben Affleck’s Batmobile surrounded by green light.

Or should that be Green light?

In other words, it’s another Zack Snyder holiday hint.

On Thanksgiving, Zack Snyder added a photo of a turkey in front of Final Crisis.

Of course, Final Crisis is a comic book featuring Darkseid.

Naysayers again dismissed its placement.

After all, visual stylist Zack Snyder perhaps didn’t see Final Crisis poking out of the back.

So it’s just coincidence the Big Bad of his Justice League is in the book.

He could’ve had a zombie poster there instead.

You know, to subtly promote his Army of the Dead on Netflix.

Come on, man.

This new picture is not subtle.

Zack Snyder Again Hints At Justice League 2 On Social Media

Zack Snyder Again Hints At Justice League 2 On Social Media

Image: Vero, Zack Snyder

First of all, Snyder dropped this after the Michael Keaton hangover.

Suddenly, the world woke up two years later that Keaton appears in Batgirl.

Thus, media outlets ran the false narrative that Keaton boots out Affleck’s Batman.

It’s like Zack Snyder is attempting to shift the conversation.

More suspiciously, the pic isn’t from any DCEU film.

Furthermore, it’s Affleck’s vehicle.

The green light is obviously a reference to Green Lantern.

Some may argue it’s supposed to represent the Northern Lights.

Yeah, whatever.

We might not know what Zack Snyder’s thinking, but he knows what we think.

Spoiler alert: the Justice League sequel.

On the other hand, what does it all mean?

Zack Snyder isn’t finished with DC Films.

No, it doesn’t confirm he’s back.

Indeed, that’s taking it too far.

For instance, the Discovery-Warner merger isn’t complete yet.

When a deal happens, it’ll be after that pushes through.

Not likely before.

But then, who knows?

Snyder doesn’t look like he’s left DC Films behind.

If you’ve gotten over your ex, you don’t keep posting about them, yes?

This is no conspiracy theory.

I doubt Snyder would’ve published this if something wasn’t brewing.

He’d risk disappointing his fans.

He’s keenly aware this generates Justice League talk.

However, is it small talk or real talk?

No matter how you interpret it, it’s better than silence.

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