The Flash Screening Confirms Hilarious Surprise Cameo

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Warner Bros Discovery Canceled Flash HBO Max Spin-Off With Ezra Miller

The Flash had a recent screening that confirmed its hilarious surprise cameo. Well, some will see the humor in it. On the other hand, others will groan at yet another goofball move from Warner Bros. concerning its DC properties. While the Ezra Miller movie continues to receive from advance showings, this particular appearance will likely polarize fans. Especially since they took Henry Cavill‘s Superman out of the film but added this is in.

Apparently, this was DC Studios co-CEO’s James Gunn’s idea, and it’s certainly wacky enough to believe. The following is a major spoiler for The Flash, especially for those who didn’t read Geekosity in February or watch Syl Abdul’s YouTube channel. Abdul scooped this at the time, and I covered it on Valentine’s Day.

Brace yourselves.

The Flash Screening Confirms Hilarious Surprise Cameo

Warner Bros Discovery To Limit Ezra Miller's Flash Promotion

Image: Warner Bros. Discovery

There’s another Batman in The Flash. Perhaps Gunn was thinking of Spider-Man: No Way Home and decided to toss in another Dark Knight.

The worst of them all.

George Clooney is in The Flash.

At this point, followers wonder if DC Studios is in Bizarro World as they seem set to give the opposite of what many fans want. Instead of Cavill, they’re searching for a younger actor. Ben Affleck will not be brought back as Batman post-Flash. DC Studios will seek another Batman. In addition, the two men in charge of DC Studios are responsible for some of their biggest box-office failures: The Suicide Squad and Shazam! Fury of the Gods.

Bizarro World, I’m telling you.

Clooney starred in 1997’s critical and commercial disaster Batman & Robin. Batman & Robin died theatrically, earning only $238.2 million globally. Both critics and audiences were in agreement in how awful it was.

In fact, the campy Batman & Robin tarnished the brand so badly that it nearly killed the lucrative franchise.

The Flash Screening Confirms Hilarious Surprise Cameo

Image: Warner Bros. Discovery

It wasn’t until director Christopher Nolan’s 2005 reboot Batman Begins that Warner Bros. believed there remained life in the IP.

Nobody imagined Clooney would ever be asked back as Batman or, in this case, his alter ego Bruce Wayne. Nevertheless, this is a one-off return. Don’t expect Clooney to be the DCU’s Batman.

That is not happening.

The Flash simply visits Clooney’s universe, reminding everyone of DC’s worst moments. Alas, there isn’t enough optimism to think those days are over.