The Flash Paves Way For Henry Cavill’s Superman Sequel

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The Flash paves the way for Henry Cavill’s next Superman movie. According to Small Screen, The Flash plays an integral part in the DCU’s future. Specifically, its post-credits scene teases Man of Steel 2.

In fact, it’s almost like a prologue.

On September 26, I covered one of YouTube personality Syl Abdul’s scoops. Abdul revealed that Henry Cavill’s Superman appears in The Flash. Now Small Screen‘s Edward Lauder fills in the blanks. The following may contain spoilers. In other words, proceed with caution if you’d rather not know.

Lauder explained that Cavill shows up more than once in The Flash. Besides his third act cameo, Cavill returns in the post-credits sequence. Although it’s a short scene, it sets up the future. In that sense, it’s similar to Black Adam. Indeed, Black Adam previews an upcoming fight with Superman. On the other hand, The Flash leads into Man of Steel 2.

The Flash Paves Way For Henry Cavill’s Superman Sequel

The Flash Paves Way For Henry Cavill's Superman Sequel

Image: Henry Cavill

Lauder states:

However, what we’ve been told, which adds a bit to their information, is that the post-credits scene will set up a standalone Superman movie. This is the Superman movie that DC Studios are accepting pitches for. We’ve also been told that this particular scene will reportedly introduce the DC Comics supervillain, Brainiac. This ties in neatly with what we were told previously about the villain becoming a big part of the DC Universe moving forward.

We leaked Brainiac in Man of Steel 2 on October 16. Lauder said his sources told him the same. My insiders corroborated Lauder’s story. In fact, they added some details to Lauder’s article. For example, The Flash apparently won’t show Brainiac. Instead, they allude to him. Therefore, comic-book fans will easily guess this phantom menace. But the general public will wonder who Henry Cavill’s next foe is.

The Flash Paves Way For Henry Cavill’s Superman Sequel

The Flash Paves Way For Henry Cavill's Superman Sequel

Image: Warner Bros.

Moreover, sources tell me Cavill will be in his Clark Kent identity in The Flash‘s post-credits. This confirms what Abdul revealed a month ago. You can watch the video here.

DC Studios continues to search for writers for Man of Steel 2. Nevertheless, the movie resumes its early development. Many fans hope Zack Snyder will direct it again. To our knowledge, Snyder hasn’t signed on yet. Regardless, he just hinted at working with Cavill again.

In the meantime, The Flash satisfies the craving for more of Cavill’s Superman.