The Acolyte Trailer Description And Details Emerge Online

Written By Kieran Bugg

The Acolyte Trailer Description And Details Emerge Online

The Acolyte trailer description and plot details have emerged online following Lucasfilm’s showcase panel at Star Wars Celebration.

The 23rd annual Star Wars Celebration held in Europe this past weekend was full of surprises. In addition to updates on already announced projects, three new movies were revealed to be in active development.

One by Dave Filoni, which will serve as the culmination of the story that started with The Mandalorian. The plot will be inspired by the acclaimed and beloved Star Wars Legends story, Heir To The Empire.

Geekosity previously scooped that a film based the classic novel was being planned.

Another coming from Logan director James Mangold that’ll centre around the birth of the Jedi order and it’s founder. The last will be a sequel to The Rise Of Skywalker set fifteen years after the events of the movie.

The Acolyte Trailer Description And Details Emerge Online

The Acolyte Trailer Description And Details Emerge Online

Image: LucasFilm

Daisy Ridley will reprise her role as Rey Skywalker and the film will be directed by Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy. Furthermore the story will follow Rey as she attempts to rebuild the new Jedi Order following in Luke Skywalker’s footsteps.

It’s not clear if she’ll be joined by other sequel trilogy characters like John Boyega’s stormtrooper turned rebel, Finn. Moreover, we also got our first teaser trailers for the upcoming Disney Plus series Ahsoka and The Acolyte.

Unfortunately, the latter’s wasn’t publicly released and was only exclusively shown to those who attended the celebration. Nonetheless, descriptions of The Acolyte trailer as well as details about the show’s plot have begun to emerge online.

The show will be set over a century before the events of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. This places it during The High Republic era of the canon Star Wars timeline.

The Jedi Order is at the height of it’s power with the galaxy at peace. Moreover, it’ll showcase the Sith’s rise to power at a time when the evil force users were all but extinct.

LucasFilm head Kathleen Kennedy has described The Acolyte as:

“Frozen meets Kill Bill.”

In addition, an official synopsis for the upcoming Disney Plus series was released. It reads:

“The Acolyte will take viewers into a galaxy of shadowy secrets and emerging dark-side powers in the final days of the High Republic era, a former Padawan reunites with her Jedi Master to investigate a series of crimes but discovers the forces they confront are more sinister than they ever anticipated.”

The footage shown at Star Wars Celebration gave us a first look at the all-star cast as their respective characters. A majority of which will be playing Jedi with Carrie-Ann Moss and Lee Jung-jae’s being standouts in the footage.

Jung-jae’s Jedi master is seen teaching a group of Younglings while Moss’ character is ambushed in a bar. The fight scene between Moss and Amandla Stenberg justifies Kathleen Kennedy’s comparison to the Kill Bill movies.

Stenberg gives this chilling line:

“This isn’t about good or bad. This is about power. And who is allowed to use it.”

The Acolyte Trailer Description And Details Emerge Online

The Acolyte Trailer Description And Details Emerge Online

Image: LucasArts

Chewbacca actor Joonas Suotamo will return to the franchise to portray a Jedi Wookie called Kelnacca. The footage concluded with Lee Jung-jae igniting his lightsaber alongside various other Jedi.

Sounds promising, here’s hoping it lives up to the hype.