Spider-Man: No Way Home Writers Tease Tom Holland’s Next Spidey Suit

Written by Joy Lyn Parohinog Francisco

Spider-Man: No Way Home’s writers tease Peter Parker’s next Spidey suit.

Doctor Strange is successful in his spell for the world to forget Peter Parker as Spider-Man.

This meant that Peter Parker is no longer connected to the Avengers.

Thus, he does not have access to technological advancements available to him before.

Goodbye nanotech.

At the end of Spider-Man: No Way Home, Peter Parker moves into his own apartment.

It also showed that he is making his own suit as he did in the comics.

He still dons a suit in the likeness of his previous appearance so he can still be the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

What is noticeable is that in the end when Peter Parker slings across New York, there is a different feel to the character himself.

Spider-Man: No Way Home Writers Tease Tom Holland’s Next Spidey Suit

Spider-Man: No Way Home, Next, Spidey Suit

Image: Marvel Studios

Perhaps the three movies actually showed us his transformation from a teenager in high school to a responsible man of great power.

It brings his character full circle as someone who began alone, discovered by a mentor-father figure, faced adversaries with and without a companion, stepping forward to stand up for friends and rectify a mistake and finally become a superhero he can be himself.

Without the ties of the Avengers or the Stark technologies, his actions are his decision.

He does have one of the most brilliant minds in the MCU.

Even in Spider-Man: No Way Home itself, he bested Doctor Strange in his own mirror world.

This surprised Strange.

Furthermore, Peter Parker showcased a new level of maturity when he foregone the moment he can make Ned and MJ remember.

His need for them to have normal happy lives outweighs his need for them to be in his life.

In the end it is his gift to them.

Indeed, Spider-Man: No Way Home has real emotional depth.

Spider-Man: No Way Home Writers Tease Tom Holland’s Next Spidey Suit

Spider-Man: No Way Home Writers Tease Tom Holland's Next Spidey Suit

Image: Marvel Studios

Spider-Man: No Way Home writers Erik Sommers and Chris McKenna shared their impressions on Spidey’s shift.

McKenna said:

I love that blue that they chose. I mean it’s right out of the comic books; it’s amazing. No, I mean, you see a sewing machine on the table and so you know he’s made his own suit; but, you know, I think everything that’s implied in that to me says this is a different Peter and a different Spider-Man than we’ve seen before.

Sommers added  Peter Parker could have made some upgrades himself.

Even though he may not have the resources, he has the brains for it.

Sommers explained:

We really like the idea of Peter moving into a new phase of his life where he doesn’t necessarily have the help of a Tony Stark and all the access to all that technology and all of these things, so time will tell exactly what’s in that suit. But I think people can look forward to a different kind of suit and a different level of technology, but maybe Peter’s got something stashed away somewhere and it’s full of gadgets. Who knows?

Peter definitely knows.

In fact, he is the only one left in that universe who knows Peter Parker is Spider-Man.