Sony And Disney Discussing Spider-Man/X-Men Film

Written by Edwin Francisco

Sony and Disney Discussing Spider-Man/X-Men Film

Sony and Disney are currently discussing a crossover film with Spider-Man and the X-Men.

The walls have been broken with Sony and Disney.

Our sources reveal they’re working to get the franchises together.

But since these are early discussions, there is nothing concrete at this time.

But, if all goes well, they hope that Marvel Studios pulls the trigger.

Spider-Man has been well known to collaborate with other Marvel characters, so this is not a surprise.

It’s more of a surprise if it doesn’t happen.

Sony and Disney Discussing Spider-Man/X-Men Film

Image: Marvel Comics Group

The first time Spider-Man and the X-Men met is in X-Men No. 35 in 1967, written by Roy Thomas, penciled by Werner Roth, and inked by Dan Adkins.

In the comics, they initially meet purely by accident.

This led them fighting because of a misunderstanding.

But it did end that they both learned that they were on the same side.

We’ve also been exposed to the cartoon Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends (1981), with mutants Firestar and Iceman as part of his team.

We’ve reported before that this team up might even happen in the big screen with Tom Holland’s Peter Parker getting into a love triangle with Angelica Jones (a.k.a. Firestar) and Zendaya’s Michelle Jones.

It also would be great to see the fourth wall-breaking Deadpool and Spider-Man crossover.

Image: New World Television

The duo even had a comic series together which lasted for more than a year from 2018-2019.

Sony And Disney Discussing Spider-Man/X-Men Film

At this time Sony and Disney are looking into loosely adapting the book The Astonishing Spider-Man and Wolverine.

This was a limited series which had six issues.

The series was released from 2010 to 2011 written by Jason Aaron with art by Adam Kubert.

It is also noted that Jason Aaron’s writing inspired Taika Waititi’s upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder movie.

In The Astonishing Spider-Man and Wolverine, both Spider-Man and Wolverine were manipulated to deal with an alternate time-travel TV reality show orchestrated by Mojo.

Mojo is the ruler of the Mojoverse.

A universe where everyone is addicted to TV, and Mojo does everything in his power to get his ratings up.

Of course, the story Sony and Disney are building on won’t be identical.

Nothing in the movies is completely the same in the comics.

Image: Marvel Comics Group

The story will be tweaked, and it possibly might have other comics to be inspired from.

The film Sony and Disney are currently discussing won’t be a Spider-Man-focused movie.

This also means that this is not part of the new Spider-Man trilogy that Marvel is working on.

It is intended that Tom Holland will reprise his role as Peter Parker, a.k.a. Spider-Man, in the film.

They are planning to get more than one mutant in the film.

The question is who?

Will it be Firestar which forces Peter Parker to rethink his relationship with MJ?

Would this be a perfect fit if Deadpool actually got into this since it may involve a reality TV thing?

Since the breaking the fourth wall is actually his thing.

Or it may still be another mutant entirely.

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