Russell Crowe’s Zeus In Thor Sequel Opens Door For Hercules In MCU

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Russel Crowe MCU Thor Sequel Zeus Hercules

Russell Crowe’s Zeus in the Thor sequel – Thor: Love and Thunder opens the door to Hercules in the MCU.

Obvious, right?

I originally scooped Zeus at Marvel Studios on the Lords of the Longbox YouTube channel on August 2020.

As for Hercules, I actually leaked that on December 2019.

Writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby co-created this version of Hercules for Journey into Mystery Annual No. 1 in 1965.

When I reported that Marvel Studios wanted Hercules for a Disney Plus series, it was for a Journey Into Mystery anthology show on the network.

Hercules has been linked to Thor since his Marvel Comics debut.

He was introduced as Thor’s rival.

In other words, it is Norse mythology (Thor) vs. Greek mythology (Hercules).

Zeus is Hercules’ father.

However, does this mean Hercules will appear in Thor: Love and Thunder?

Most likely.

Russel Crowe MCU Thor Sequel Zeus Hercules

Image: Marvel Comics Group

Fittingly, if Hercules appears in Love and Thunder, it won’t be just because of his comic-book connections to Thor.

In 1982, writer/artist Bob Layton did a four-issue mini-series called Hercules: Prince of Power.

Truly ahead of its time, Hercules: Prince of Power combined quick-paced science-fiction adventure and witty one-liners that would become the Marvel Studios trademark style decades later.

Moreover, I wouldn’t be shocked if Prince of Power influenced Thor: Ragnarok and Love and Thunder director Taika Waititi.

Furthermore, the bright early ’80s colors and snarky humor screams Waititi.

Hercules got Galactus drunk.

Russell Crowe’s Zeus In Thor Sequel Opens Door For Hercules In MCU

Russell Crowe is already rocking the Zeus beard.

Sources close to me revealed Marvel Studios was most interested in that ’80s version of Hercules for Disney Plus.

I wasn’t shocked as that interpretation of the character was made for the MCU.

Accordingly, with Waititi doing Zeus, it’s meant to be.

I have no confirmation that Hercules will be in Love and Thunder; nevertheless, I would be stunned if he wasn’t.

Hercules’ Disney Plus show could easily spin off from Waititi’s movie.

After all, right now Loki is the only Disney Plus series originating from the highly successful Thor franchise.

I always felt that Bruce Campbell would’ve been the perfect goofball Hercules from that Layton book; however, he aged out of the role.

Russel Crowe MCU Thor Sequel Zeus Hercules

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