Neil Patrick Harris’ Doctor Who Role Possibly Revealed

Written By Kieran Bugg

Neil Patrick Harris will play Doctor Who’s deadliest foe.

After yet another cryptic Instagram tease from Russell T Davies, every Whovian’s mind ran wild with speculation. Specifically, theories about what this could mean ranged from another former Doctor returning or a old companion or enemy showing up.

After Neil Patrick Harris signed to appear in Doctor Who‘s upcoming 60th anniversary special, social media exploded. As a matter of fact, his mystery role ignited numerous theories.

Undoubtedly, Neil Patrick Harris will portray a bad guy. Moreover, it won’t be just any enemy. After all, this one is for a long-awaited event. In a second Instagram post following this official announcement, the showrunner expressed his excitement for the actor joining the show.

He said:

Neil Patrick Harris, welcome to Cardiff! Playing the greatest enemy the Doctor has ever faced. Such a great actor, such a great man, it’s an honour and a hoot!

Neil Patrick Harris’ Doctor Who Role Possibly Revealed

Neil Patrick Harris’ Doctor Who Role Possibly Revealed

Image: HBO Max

Obviously, the biggest takeaway from this is that Davies refers to Neil Patrick Harris as “the greatest enemy the Doctor has ever faced.” Certainly, one can use the process of elimination.

Nevertheless, that’s a pretty high bar to beat as, over the years, Doctor Who has fought various villains and monsters.

The most popular theories about who Harris could be playing are a younger Davros, The Master, or even The Valeyard. Nonetheless, Doctor Who mega fan Matthew Toffolo believes he could actually be portraying one of his oldest foes: The Celestial Toymaker.

The Celestial Toymaker made his first and only televised appearance in the 1966 story of the same name. Legendary actor Michael Gough originally played him.

Gough also portrayed Alfred Pennyworth in both Tim Burton and Joel Schumacher’s Batman films. This would make sense. Recent filming has showed a toy shop built on set.

Via his Twitter, Toffolo said:

Calling it now, Celestial Toymaker. He looks like he’s in a workshop like Geppetto…

In addition, videos of filming caught by onlookers show large toy-like robots on the streets of Cardiff.

Neil Patrick Harris’ Doctor Who Role Possibly Revealed

Neil Patrick Harris’ Doctor Who Role Possibly Revealed

Image: BBC

There have been several sightings of various other strange-looking creatures filming scenes with David Tennant. In addition, rumors spread that Doctor Who comic-book character Meep The Beep will be make his live-action debut.

There’s a chance that he could be connected to the Toymaker. His plush toy-like appearance more than suggests it.

Could Meep The Beep be Doctor Who’s answer to Baby Yoda?

Quite possibly.

Is Neil Patrick Harris playing the Celestial Toymaker?

It’s looking very likely.

November 2023 will reveal all.