Marvel Studios Planning Exclusive Films For Disney Plus

Written by Edwin Francisco

Marvel Studios Planning Exclusive Films for Disney Plus Brad Winderbaum

Marvel Studios is planning to make movies exclusive to Disney Plus with Brad Winderbaum, now that it’s been announced he’s the Head of Streaming, Television, and Animation at Marvel Studios.

This report comes to us exclusively from Small Screen.

A lot of us thought that Kevin Feige will be leading the shows on Disney Plus on top of overseeing the movies.

It seemed that Feige’s vision is unmatched and it’s hard to see anyone else leading the charge.

It was a surprise to hear about producer Brad Winderbaum who has worked on several Marvel projects including the Marvel One-Shots, Ant-Man, Black Widow and recently, one episode of What If…?

Ever since 2007, he has been exclusively working on Marvel projects under the watchful eye of Feige.

Marvel Studios Planning Exclusive Films for Disney Plus

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At first, some speculated that Feige is planning to retire from Marvel. But this is not the case.

Marvel Studios has grown so big that Feige needs someone to help oversee other projects.

Winderbaum fits that bill since he’s been working very closely with Feige for a number of years.

While Feige concentrates on the movies, Winderbaum will focus only on Disney Plus.

Feige will still keep an eye on everything but at least now he has someone he can trust to oversee the developments on other platforms.

The projects under Disney Plus will include anything that is streaming such live-action and animated features.

So, the new animation studio that we reported earlier will now be under Winderbaum.

The big surprise here is that they’ll be making movies exclusive to Disney Plus.

Marvel Studios Planning Exclusive Films for Disney Plus

Marvel Studios Planning Exclusive Films for Disney Plus Brad Winderbaum

Image: Disney+

We’ve been used to seeing Marvel movies on the big screen but then again, this pandemic we are experiencing now has made a lot of people get used to just watching movies at home.

Of course, there are still plans to make Marvel movies in theaters. Moreover, that will not change anytime soon.

But because of the performance of recent films like Black Widow which showed simultaneously in the theaters, it proved that there is a demand for streaming movies.

It does make us wonder if Disney Plus will add charges for Marvel exclusive content.

With Winderbaum now leading everything that Marvel will be showing on their streamers, this can also accelerate more stories and even more superheroes and villains than ever before.

This year alone is already a fun ride with the MCU since we expected something to watch almost every month.

We have noticed that each year, Marvel challenges themselves by putting out more movies and now with Disney Plus, they surely will add more stories and characters for us to look forward to.

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