Marvel Legends Joe Fixit BAF

Written By Dan Hickman • Toy Editor

Marvel Legends Joe Fixit BAF

Welcome back to Dan’s Toybox as we wrap up the Joe Fixit Build A Figure (BAF) wave of Marvel Legends, released in late 2020.

Today we’re reviewing the Build a Figure itself: The Incredible Hulk as “Joe Fixit.”

This was a fun wave, it had some good figures and some meh figures. I think, perhaps, Hasbro is starting to “reach” with their releases, but I guess we’ll see what happens in 2021.

I am eagerly waiting for Firestar, the new Deluxe Thanos, and the new She Hulk figure.

Those will be fun. Anyhow, let’s get back to Joe Fixit!

One of the five different Hulk personas residing in Bruce Banner’s psyche, the Grey Hulk was the first Hulk to appear. Although physically weaker than the savage, green Hulk that we all know and love, he is smarter and more manipulative. Interestingly, while Peter David was writing Hulk Comics, he developed the character further by having the Grey Hulk assume the identity of “Joe Fixit”, and moved him to Las Vegas.

Marvel Legends Joe Fixit BAF 4

Image: Marvel Comics

In Vegas, he became an Enforcer for the mafia, taking care of their problems at night, hence the name Joe “Fix it.” This also introduced a different method of changing to and from the Hulk for Bruce Banner.

Image: Marvel Comics

Banner was ashamed of the Grey Hulk’s manipulative, mean personality and managed to restrict his appearance to only happening at night, meaning he would also forcibly turn into Bruce Banner at dawn. During the day it would be genius scientist Bruce Banner, however when night fell, Joe Fixit would appear, clad in an oversized suit, hat, and shoes.

Marvel Legends Joe Fixit BAF Is Pretty Dapper

Marvel Legends Joe Fixit BAF looks pretty dapper, I must admit. Clad in a three piece suit, white shirt, red tie, fedora, and black and white wingtip shoes, Joe is ready to “break legs and go to the mattresses”. I look at this figure and the first thought that comes to mind is Luca Brasi, Don Corleone’s trusted enforcer from the movie “The Godfather.” I have to admit this is a sharp BAF figure.

Yes, it’s on the Kingpin BAF body that we’ve already seen, but the look is exceptionally well done. The details on the figure are incredible… a feather in the band of the fedora, paisley decoration on the necktie, even the folded pocket square neatly tucked in his jacket pocket all add to the air of menace and authority this figure conveys. The suit and hat are a dark blue, the hat band is black with a red feather, the shirt underneath is white and the collar/necktie piece floats. I discovered that you can move the tie just a bit, side to side, which actually looks pretty cool, giving Joe a somewhat “sloppy” look if you desire.

The black and white on the shoes is glossy, unfortunately the black isn’t applied as cleanly as it could be as the lines are somewhat blurry and there’s a bit of black bleed onto the white. My biggest disappointment with the suit is that various patches on the sleeves and trousers look dirty… it’s really bad paint application on these sections, which unfortunately is easily noticeable. The jacket is more matted in appearance and due to the molding, the pants and sleeves are glossier. It’s a shame that they mismatch like that because uniformity in the appearance would have raised this figure higher in my rating system. Joe’s skin tone on the face and hands is consistent and looks very well done.

The applications are clean, especially around his hair and eye and the sculpt of the face looks very wicked. I like it a lot. As I mentioned earlier, the attention to specific details (the tie, feather, et al) is incredible, including the painted black buttons on his jacket. With the exception of those few problems I pointed out this is, overall, a good looking figure. He would definitely fit in at the table with Don Vito, Michael, Sonny, Fredo, and Tom.

Marvel Legends Joe Fixit BAF’s Articulation Is Limited

Marvel Legends Joe Fixit BAF

As far as his articulation is concerned. Joe Fixit’s ability to move is even more limited, I feel, than Kingpin’s was. His head does turn side to side, but will only look down so far and really doesn’t look up much at all. His shoulders/arms will rotate 360 degrees but will raise up to maybe 70 degrees on the sides. There is NO upper bicep cut or swivel. Instead, his hinged elbow, which bends less than 90 degrees has the swivel function. His fisted hands will rotate and have limited hinge movement, which is pretty disappointing. Joe’s torso does have an extremely limited crunch, held in check as it is by his jacket. He has a waist swivel, which doesn’t turn very well to either side and legs that will kick forward slightly and back just a small bit. He has an upper thigh cut, which on my left leg has a big seam because it wouldn’t port fully in all the way.


He’s got the hinged knee with limited bend and a very poor ankle pivot that moves up but is limited by the pantscuff and not down at all. Joe is going to look decent, standing menacingly with his hands at his sides, but he’s not going to get into many, if any really dynamic poses for you. Give him a cigar and a bimbo on his arm and stand him by a roulette table if you want to get some comic book art photographs.

Honestly, had it not been for Christmas, I wouldn’t have owned this figure. I hadn’t intended to collect this wave in it’s entirety and was blessed by my family with the set. After posing them all around together and having Joe Fixit looming behind them all, I’m happy they are part of my collection. I’m not just saying that because Joe told me I’d be sleepin with da fishes if I didn’t either! Overall, I’ll give Joe 3.5 out of 5 ToyBoxes. If you enjoyed this version of the character in the comic books, this is a figure you’d like on your shelf… provided of course you snapped up all six figures in the wave. If not, you can always look online and maybe make someone an offer they can’t refuse! Thanks for hanging out and be sure to check back for our next review in a couple of days! Until then… GEEK OUT!!!

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