Is Emilia Clarke Replacing Amber Heard As Mera?

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Is Emilia Clarke Replacing Amber Heard As Mera

Warner Bros. hasn’t fired Amber Heard from Aquaman 2; moreover, Emilia Clarke will not replace her as Mera. This long-debunked rumor resurfaced after an old article from Forbes was discovered claiming it as fact.

It isn’t.

Although Forbes is not a site that traffics in fake news, it’s not entirely reliable, either; for example, they stated in November 2019 that The Snyder Cut is a ” pipe dream“.

That hasn’t aged well.

Nevertheless, Forbes cannot be accused of distributing bad gossip with this story; at least, I doubt that was their intention.

The author, Keith Flamer, specializes in real-estate coverage and not entertainment news.

Moreover, Emilia Clarke’s supposed casting as Mera was buried in an article about her selling her $4.4 million California house.

On the geek scale of newsworthy importance, Amber Heard’s firing would’ve been the headline.

Is Emilia Clarke Replacing Amber Heard As Mera? Nope.

Is Emilia Clarke Replacing Amber Heard As Mera

Furthermore, the piece was originally published on December 31, 2020 and received no coverage in the major trades such as Variety or The Hollywood Reporter.

They would have been in the front row for huge revelations such as this.

Removing an actor from a project is a serious decision with possibly millions at stake; this is not a plot point or a surprise cameo in a film or TV series that studios are tossing NDAs to make people shut up.

A firing isn’t a scoop; it’s news, and agents will talk to the Big Boys like Deadline.

Or the studio would issue a public statement.

Unfortunately, many people will believe what they want to happen; that is why tall tales such as this spawn mutations on YouTube and other media outlets long after they’re spoiled milk.

DC Films president Walter Hamada and director Zack Snyder are in full support of Amber Heard despite allegations of domestic abuse against her by former husband Johnny Depp.

Emilia Clarke is not the new Mera, and Amber Heard will be in Aquaman 2 and 3.