Firestar Will Be Spider-Man’s Intro to World of X-Men

Written By Mikey Sutton • Editor-in-Chief • Owner

A new girl will be after Peter Parker’s affection in college, causing friction with MJ.

Parker’s rollercoaster love life has always been an essential part of Spider-Man’s history. Before marrying Mary Jane Watson, Parker had an extensive list of broken romances, sometimes even leading to tragedy – his first girlfriend Gwen Stacy died at his hands while trying to save her after the Green Goblin threw her from the Brooklyn Bridge.

So far, his relationship with MJ (Zendaya) in the MCU has been through rose-colored glasses outside the attacks of super villains, but that will apparently change on campus when Parker meets a redheaded mutant.

On June 17, 2020, I leaked on Lords of the Longbox that Firestar will make her MCU debut soon alongside fellow mutant Iceman. In 1981, Firestar made her debut on the Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends animated TV show. This wonderful program, blissful nostalgia now for those who grew up on it, established the college bond between the three.

Firestar will bring Spider-Man into the world of the X-Men without having to haul in a group of mutants at once. I am now hearing that Firestar will be a romantic rival trying to steal Parker’s heart from MJ.