Disney Has 31 MCU Projects In Development

Written by Edwin Francisco

Disney Has 31 MCU Projects in Development

Lawsuits cannot stop Disney as they now have 31 MCU projects in development.

Yes, 31.

We’ve been hearing a lot of movies and shows being planned for the MCU.

Marvel Studios has already announced movies and Disney Plus series up until 2023.

Moreover, some of those are set for the following year.

With all of the rumors and insider scoops, it’s not surprising that we wonder how many projects is MCU cooking up.

221Radio asked Victoria Alonso if there were 35 projects in the works in the MCU.

Alonso corrected:

We are currently working on 31 projects. Don’t add four more, please.

Alonso is well-known as a producer for most, if not all, to everything in the MCU starting from movies like Iron Man (2008) up to Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania (2023).

Furthermore, she is also involved in all the series from WandaVision (2021) up to She-Hulk (2022).

Disney Has 31 MCU Projects In Development

Disney Has 31 MCU Projects In Development

Image: 20th Century Fox

Alonso admitted:

It is a question about how are we handling multiple plates in the air at the same time. And the biggest thing is that sometimes the plates fall, and, you know, what are you going to do then?

Alonso added that:

We want people to understand that the idea that we have, to tell these connected stories, it is important that the world knows that the characters we create, their stories have to do with how humans interact with each other.

It’s obvious that Disney and Marvel Studios has been doing a lot of work to make the comic-book universe work for movie goers for the past decade.

In addition, they are now more focused in producing TV programs and specials than before.

Disney opened their wallets in their attempt to topple Netflix.

Also, Disney wants to keep HBO Max in their place.

Marvel Studios released a few streaming-only shows on Disney Plus that is part of the Phase Four line-up.

WandaVision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki, and What If…? had great success for Disney Plus.

It also has been a challenge for Marvel Studios to work their characters and stories into one narrative.

It’s the only studio that tells one continuous story.

Certainly, it’s not a stretch to say that the MCU is close to replicating how comics are.

Like their comic-book counterparts, the stories are connected to each other even though how different they may be.

It’s a juggling act that they have been balancing for years and perfecting it.

Disney Has 31 MCU Projects In Development

Disney Has 31 MCU Projects In Development

Image: 20th Century Fox

At the same time, they challenge themselves by making something a step further.

Now they have movies and series lined up telling a bigger narrative. It’s just like what they did with the first three phases of the MCU, which is now dubbed The Infinity Saga (from Iron Man up until Spider-Man: Far From Home).

Phase Four starts a new chapter, but it still continues the narrative of the remaining characters and building up on new ones, too.

We’ve known that Marvel Studios has been working to expand their horizons for the past few months now.

They assigned Brad Winderbaum to head the streaming, television and animation at Marvel Studios.

Winderbaum has been part of the MCU since the beginning.

Not only that, but Marvel Studios has been working to make a new animation unit.

Season Two of What if…? is already in early development.

Recently, Sofia Alexander, creator of the animated series Onyx Equinox, announced that her next project will be for Marvel Studios.

With so many projects in line, we are pretty sure that most of them are still years away before we even hear a full announcement.

We only know some of the planned projects which we here at Geekosity have been reporting to you for years now.

Out of the many projects they have been working on, The X-Men and The Fantastic Four are probably the most anticipated.

As exciting as those are, keep in mind there’s 29 more still coming.

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