Disney and Sony on Verge of New Deal for Spider-Man Rights

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Disney and Sony on Verge of New Deal for Spider-Man Rights

A potential new deal between Disney and Sony could not only deliver more Spider-Man film collaborations between the two, but new live-action TV shows as well.

Ever since Disney and Sony signed a new agreement for Spider-Man film rights in September 2019 (an important event that catapulted me into the mainstream for scooping it first), fans have wondered, and even worried, about the future of the character in the MCU.

Yesterday, I was told by insiders that another contract was on the verge of being signed by Disney and Sony.

I teased it on my personal and private Geekosity Facebook pages with an image of Kevin Feige and Tom Holland.

Details are scarce, but sources tell me that the deal will keep Spider-Man in the MCU for an additional three solo movies with an option for more.

This means, the college years of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, which will be the focus of the second trilogy and are going to be under the supervision of Marvel Studios if the contract is signed.

And most likely that is going to happen.

Disney and Sony on Verge of New Deal for Spider-Man Rights

Tom Holland Reveals New Sony And Disney Spider-Man Deal

Both Disney and Sony realize the financial significance of partnering with this IP.

Rumors circulated a few months ago that Amazon coveted Sony’s planned live-action TV programs but I am told that Disney wants them as well and included their streaming rights in the latest agreement.

Disney+ is a priority for the company during the global pandemic when theaters are closed and dying as a result.

To Sony, which has no streaming platform to toss them onto, Disney+ would be their biggest and most appropriate landing place as they can also crossover into MCU shows.

Clearly, the potential of, for example, the Miles Morales Spider-Man hanging with the Young Avengers or maybe Luke Cage on Disney+ has explosive potential, infinitely more than on Amazon wherein that would be legally impossible.

The streaming arrangement would include the Spider-Man films that Feige produces for Marvel Studios.

Feige’s involvement with Sony’s Spider-Verse movies would increase as well should this go through intact.

No word yet if this deal has been signed yet or what was altered. Insiders added that the bell cannot be unrung, and it could be signed in a matter of days.