Deadpool 3 Could Add Wolverine And The Hulk

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Deadpool 3 director Shawn Levy teased an appearance of the Hulk for the film.

Netflix released Levy’s new film The Adam Project last week. Afterwards, news of Levy directing Deadpool 3 hit the Internet. The Adam Project co-stars Marvel icons Ryan Reynolds and Mark Ruffalo.

Levy posted a photo of Reynolds and Ruffalo lying down, both smiling for the camera. And in the same shot, a container with a couple of peculiar stickers. Hulk and Deadpool. In other words, the Marvel superheroes Reynolds and Ruffalo are best known for.

In the same tweet, he tagged the personal Twitter accounts of both actors and added “Deadpool” as a hashtag.

Deadpool 3 Could Add Wolverine And The Hulk

He then tweeted:

Little did I know…

Of course, people will come and speculate. Is this a sign? Will the Hulk be appearing in Deadpool 3? It seems like the director is trying to talk Ruffalo into appearing in Deadpool 3 with Reynolds.

After all, Deadpool is in the MCU now. He will meet new friends and enemies as well.

The possibilities are endless. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness even builds a bridge to Fox’s earlier Marvel output. Disney’s acquisition of Fox changed everything.

The MCU will expand greatly.

Mix in the fact that Deadpool is the most self-aware Marvel character to date. Deadpool could drop a quip or two with the Hulk. Reynolds could even crack jokes about his being green at one point. Reynolds isn’t shy about poking fun at his Green Lantern flop.

That’d be hysterical.

Apart from this, they could very well acknowledge the father-son dynamic they had in The Adam Project.

Does one really need to note that in the picture, Ruffalo seems to already know something? That, my friends, is not a regular smile.

Deadpool 3 Could Add Wolverine And The Hulk

Image: Marvel Comics Group

Speaking of characters now available for Deadpool to play with in his third movie, maybe they can finally add Wolverine in there, too.

Levy himself wants to be that lucky director to be able to put Reynolds and Hugh Jackman in one movie. Whether Jackman is Wolverine in Deadpool 3 or not, it could be a scene acknowledging him and making a reference to the mutant.

Then again, if Jackman is in there, might as well give him the adamantium for just a few scenes again. Maybe Colossus, Cable and Negasonic Teenage Warhead could also be there again with them. We can imagine, right?

Doctor Strange has opened the Multiverse of Madness.

Let the insanity begin.