CZsWorld’s The Complete Jigsaw History: The History Of Logan Nelson

Written by James Simon

CZsWorld's The Complete Jigsaw History The History Of Logan Nelson

We’re in for a treat this Saturday as CZsWorld will be revealing The Complete History Of Jigsaw. To get us ready for this epic documentary, CZsWorld is priming us with some SAW history. We’re starting off with The History Of Logan Nelson.

For those that haven’t been watching the channel CZsWorld and their Horror History series by Zachary Morris, you’re missing out.

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Zachary Morris is known for his top quality production and execution in his videos.

Moreover; the amount of detail he goes over is astounding.

Want to know everything about your favorite horror franchise?

CZsWorld has you covered.

Add in Zac Morris’ wit and fantastic editing and you’ve got quite a channel you can binge on.

CZsWorld’s Road To The Complete Jigsaw History: The History Of Logan Nelson

In The History Of Logan Nelson, Morris dives deep into the character, his motives and where he stands in the SAW timeline (it’s not that simple).

As stated by Zac Morris:

His story is a bit confusing, and potentially breaks the once rock-solid Saw timeline, but in this video I’ll attempt to put together the pieces of his life in order, explain how he came to be how he is, and unravel the mystery of what happened in his life including why he wasn’t around during Saw 1 – Saw 7.

Morris then adds:

I’ll be doing a full character analysis and psychoanalysis of the man to revive Jigsaw, and I’ll also discuss my thoughts for the future of his character and how he could be a very important piece of the Saw franchise going forward.

I’ll admit I lost interest in the SAW franchise after the first few films, not because of the franchise itself, but other things demanded my time.

That didn’t stop us from binging this series here at Geekosity and we recommend you do the same.

And once The Complete History Of Jigsaw comes out May 15th, I’m going to have a SAW marathon.

Clearly, the passion and determination shines through in this CZsWorld series.

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