Batgirl Leaks Prove $90 Million Cancelled Film Was Promising

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Leslie Grace Reportedly Turns Down New Batgirl Offer

Batgirl was infamously cancelled by Warner Bros. Discovery but now parts of its plot has spilled online. Altogether, the pieces form a hopeful picture of what could’ve been. Was it really that bad? It doesn’t sound like it at all.

After the mammoth back-to-back box-office failures of Black Adam, Shazam! Fury of the Gods, and The Flash, would Batgirl really have done worse with its smaller budget and charismatic lead? That’s becoming increasingly doubtful.

The controversial decision to cancel the Batgirl solo film is still fresh in the minds of DC fans.

After all, the unreleased movie boasted an impressive cast with singer/songwriter Leslie Grace set to star as the titular heroine.

Batgirl Leaks Prove $90 Million Cancelled Film Was Promising

Batgirl Leaks Prove $90 Million Cancelled Film Was Promising

Image: Twitter

Doom Patrol star Brendan Fraser starred as the pyromaniac supervillain Firefly. In addition, J.K. Simmons returned as Commissioner Gordon.

Moreover, Michael Keaton’s Batman was also set to play a minor supporting role in the movie. In fact, insiders compared it to Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury in the MCU.

With a seemingly solid script and production going well, this was looking to be another fun superhero film. Nonetheless, this didn’t stop Warner Bros. Discovery from pulling the plug on Batgirl right in the middle of shooting.

The reason for this shocking move was revealed to be due to cost-cutting measures. Indeed, WBD is in debt.

As in, We Broke, Dude.

As a result, all copies of the unfinished Batgirl film were deleted apart from one that was shown to a select audience before being locked away in the Warner Bros. vault.

Although the plot of the movie was never made made clear, we may now have a pretty good idea of what could’ve been. A Twitter user named @NebsGoodTakes took the time to compile various different pieces of the Batgirl plot that have somehow leaked online.

Batgirl Leaks Prove $90 Million Cancelled Film Was Promising

Batgirl Leaks Prove $90 Million Cancelled Film Was Promising

Image: Twitter

The opening would’ve seen a young Barbara Gordon (Grace) taking an interest in a martial arts class. After learning karate, she uses her newfound skills to teach a local schoolyard bully a lesson. In addition, she would then go out on patrol with her father Commissioner Gordon, who gets a helping hand from Batman (Keaton).

This would serve as the young heroine’s inspiration to follow in the Dark Knight’s footsteps, becoming the vigilante known as Batgirl.

Furthermore, it’s been revealed that Fraser would’ve portrayed the Ted Carson version of Firefly rather than the more well-known Garfield Lynns. All in all. this sounds like it had potential.

With The Flash looking to be a bigger flop than 2011’s Green Lantern, many are beginning to wonder if Warner Bros. cancelled the wrong project.