Andrew Garfield Opens Up About Playing Spider-Man

Written By Kieran Bugg

Andrew Garfield Opens Up About Playing Spider-Man 01

Andrew Garfield is quiet about his return as Spider-Man; however, he recently opened up about his web-slinging days.

Obviously, there’s no mention of Spider-Man: No Way Home in the interview.

Nevertheless, Andrew Garfield discussed his time in the role.

In addition, he explained effects it had on his acting career.

Sony’s The Amazing Spider-Man movies may not be looked back on favorably by most Spider-Man fans.

After all, many hold director Sam Raimi’s initial two Spider-Man films in high regard.

However, their talented cast is the one saving grace of that era which a number of fans agree on, particularly Andrew Garfield’s take as Peter Parker/Spider-Man.

Andrew Garfield’s short-lived time as Spider-Man came to an end after the release of The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Sony hoped it would launch their own Spider-Man cinematic universe.

Andrew Garfield Opens Up About Playing Spider-Man 02

Image: Sony Pictures

Unfortunately, it failed to meet the studio’s expectations.

In fact, it fell short at the box office and received mixed to negative reviews from both fans and critics.

Moreover, the sequel resulted in Sony brokering a deal with Marvel Studios to bring a new Spider-Man to the screen.

Tom Holland ended up as the new Spider-Man and entered the MCU.

When asked about if playing the character helped fulfill one of his childhood dreams, Andrew Garfield replied:

That was absolutely it. I don’t know about reincarnation, and if there is one opportunity for me to be alive, and I get offered the opportunity to do a prolonged dress-up as my favorite character of all time, there’s no way I can say no.

Andrew Garfield explained that:

Yeah, the only thing that I knew was going to be a challenge was the fame aspect, and I knew that a lot of good would come with that as well.

He elaborated on how even though the role may have helped boost his career.

Andrew Garfield Opens Up About Playing Spider-Man

Image: Karwai Tang/WireImage)

But it also caused an effect on how he would be accepting different roles to avoid becoming a movie star.

Andrew Garfield explained:

I knew it was going to provide a gilded prison, as a creative person. I knew I would have to balance it out with theatre and with waiting for the right movies to come along that would make sure that I stayed an actor, rather than this idea of a movie star.

Following his departure from Spider-Man, Garfield has seen tremendous success with his roles in Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge (which scored him an Oscar nomination) and Martin Scorsese’s Silence.

Yet he has since steered clear of anymore franchise-type movies.

Until now.

After numerous reports from several different outlets and one very suspicious leaked video, it seems like a given that Andrew Garfield will come back in Spider-Man: No Way Home alongside successor Tom Holland and predecessor Tobey Maguire.

Furthermore, it will no doubt be the biggest blockbuster movie of 2021.

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