A New Star Wars Special Is Coming This Halloween

Written by Edwin Francisco

A New Star Wars Special Is Coming This Halloween

Lucasfilm is gearing up for another Star Wars special, but not this Christmas. This time, it’s for Halloween. LEGO is back to make another fun special for Disney+. 

It has been reported that the horror themed animated Disney+ special is titled “LEGO Star Wars Terrifying Tales.”

This is currently scheduled to be released on October 1. 

The animated film sets the story right after the events of “Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker.

Poe Dameron (voiced by Jake Green) and BB-8 had to make an emergency landing on planet Mustafar while using his X-Wing. 

Mustafar is the planet where Anakin Skywalker aka Darth Vader lost his limbs and it is where he also established his castle.

There, they meet Graballa the Hutt (voiced by Dana Snyder) who just purchased the Vader’s home and is renovating it into a Sith themed luxury hotel.

While Dameron’s X-Wing is being repaired, they all go into the depths of the castle with Dean (voiced by Raphael Alejandro), Graballa’s mechanic; and Vaneé (voiced by Tony Hale), Vader’s loyal servant.

As they explore the castle, Vaneé tells three creepy tales from iconic villains.

As Vaneé tells these stories, he lures them into a trap, they all have to face their fears and stop an evil from rising. 

A New Star Wars Special Is Coming This Halloween

Image: Disney+

“LEGO Star Wars Terrifying Tales” will also feature the voices of Christian Slater as Ren, Trevor Devall as Emperor Palpatine, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn as NI-L8, and Matt Sloan as Darth Vader. 

The new special is being made by the same animators of the LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special, Atomic Cartoons. They have also made The Last Kids on Earth and Hello Ninja on Netflix, Marvel’s Spidey and his Amazing Friends for Disney Junior, and Trolls: TrollsTopia for Hulu. 

A New Star Wars Special Is Coming This Halloween

We know how fans cringe with the title alone because of Star Wars Holiday Special (1978).

Even though the special included the stars Mark Hamil, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, and most of the main cast.

It was considered as one of the worst things that came out of the popular brand.

Star Wars creator, George Lucas even wanted to eradicate the Holiday Special from history by destroying all the copies he could find.

Too bad that the internet made it impossible to be removed from existence. 

Still, people want to see how bad it really was.

Also, the animation in the middle of the Holiday Special stood out since it was the best thing about the show.

It also was the first introduction of Boba Fett before his appearance in Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. The title of the cartoon was “The Faithful Wookiee. 

A New Star Wars Special Is Coming This Halloween

Image: Disney+

Last year, we got a LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special which aired on November 17,2020.

It was a spiritual successor and a satire of the original Holiday Special.

It was generally successful and was even considered fun and almost as good as the LEGO movies (not as good or funny as the first LEGO movie or LEGO Batman, but it’s pretty close).

It tells about the story of Rey doubting her abilities, and while she was exploring a temple, she finds a time key.

She travels in time at memorable moments throughout Star Wars saga. 

As any LEGO Star Wars Special, “Terrifying Tales” is considered as non-canon.

But nevertheless, it’s something fans of Star Wars will look into.

Hey, I enjoyed a bit of LEGO Star Wars myself, and I had fun at it. 

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